Creative Jobs in The Space Business Disruption?

by paradoxig
How will Creative Businesses and all Artists join the Space Disruption?
Will We?

Perseverance successfully landed on Mars! In great shape, Perseverance is up to work to discover the undiscovered land.
NASA engineers celebrate the achievements of Science, Businesses are already thinking of Space-Business!
The big question is the Arty Sector: if and when will be invited to join the Party? And if not invited, how can we crash the Party? 😀

$2.4B was the cost to build and launch the Mars 2020 Perseverance.

Mission accomplished.
And now if you are wondering what will do Perseverance there in the next 2 years?
👽👽Not searching Aliens! That is so last century myth.
Now it is called: signs for ancient life and signs of past microbial life.
Moreover, it will collect data about Mars’ geology and climate. And who knows what is behind those rocks? What does the Red Planet have that we don’t know about?
Leaving all speculations behind, the NASA mission is all about to see if the Red Planet could ever be or ever was a nice place to live.

The Space ecosystem will need human capital and quite a lot. Years ago, for somebody interested in Space, the only chance was to become an engineer and pray for a NASA job.
Now, the market expands, with space startups being set-up. Morgan Stanley estimates that the global space industry could generate revenue of more than $1 trillion or more in 2040. (Morgan Stanley Research)

So, considering the huge slice of money, the question is how much can creatives cash from that? 🤑
👀 Let’s see! 👀
We investigated the booming areas for investment analyzed by Morgan Stanley, and it seems that there is Space in Space for Creativity.

what will happen when creatives and artists enter the trillion Space Business…

Space Tourism is supposed to be huuuuuuge.
People want to see the World Galaxy! But, can you imagine, hours and hours of stellar space skies? And honestly, you have seen photos from Moon or Mars!
To be perfectly honest we can agree on one thing: Mars is not Maldives Island.
So, all these Space Tourist Startups will need some good Entertainers to make us all forget that Moon or Mars is not totally boring. Not to mention, good friends with entertainers are ‘fashionistas’.
The new space age needs new fashion: you would not want to see your galactic attendants in those flight attendant high heels costumes? And considering that we are not in a war (as in Star Wars or Star Trek) maybe we can afford some less-military, more funny-futuristic cosmos-outfits?

Satellite Communication is going to be needed.
Now, Perseverance is on Mars, but what will happen when teams of humans will head towards the Red Planet?
Again: the way is boring, astronauts will need some programs – radios programs, films, games to play – all those months of travels.

Asteroids Mining – now, this one gives Big Hopes ($$$) for New…. Materials.
Rare Minerals, Rare Metals can be extracted from those billions of asteroids, who knows what contains those ones?
💎So, what if there will be discovered the next-gen-diamond?💎
🕺🏿You would really need designers to shape it.

Overall, as Space Business is booming, the Creative and Entertainment Space Program should boom alongside them.
Space jokes,
Space dramas and tragic tears,
Space jewels and Fashion, in a world, a whole new Space Artsy,
Creatives, and Entertainment World Should be developed.

In case you have any CREATIVE IDEAS
about NEW Creative JOBS in the SPACE Business Disruption,
just let us know

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