New job: Talking with AI. Will that change Humanity?

by paradoxig

AI is evolving. So does Humanity. Does it?
Studies related to our cognitive function are not soooo optimistic, but one thing is sure: we will need to adapt creatively and live with AIs. And start having some conversations with AIs.
Do you know how? If not, start learning it. And then become an expert in teaching others!
Or, welcome to a new article from WorkoScope, our spyglass series of stories to discover the future of jobs. Don’t take it toooo seriously 🙂

As AI is advancing, more and more jobs are available! Yes, you read that well.
We know that common wisdom and/or fear say that AI is taking all the 3D (dull, dumb, dangerous) jobs – drivers, sales, mining, etc. And we know that there are experts that believe that AI+Humans will join forces and work together – part of the work is done by AI, the other is done by humans.

That also means that humans will need a new skill: talking to AI!

As such, a brand new will emerges: AI communication specialist or….?
It is like learning how to obtain something from mum and dad, or your boss; people will have to learn to talk to algorithms.
Because AI, sometimes pre-fab AIs are delivered at a rapid speed across industries.

Do you want a job? Guess what? First resume screening or interview is with an algorithm.
Do you want a loan? Already AI (sometimes in the form of a virtual being) is making a pre-screening.
Do you want a new drawing? Well, you can now just describe it to an AI and it is done!

That easy? YES and NO. Because some people know how to talk with Algorithms, other don’t.
But, is this so difficult? They are some rules. And always, in all generations there were rules, algorithms related to behaviors. How are they different now and what changes? How was the previous gen? How was the ‘how-to’ receipts?

Even before the internet, it was a how-to talk with you boss, how-to evolve in your career. Old-school rules were about learn a lot, work a lot, be the best.

And then it came social media and the new rule: fake-it-till-you make it.

Network was the key.

Your community was extended also to social media. Social media is all about how to trick algorithms to do what you want them to do. There are influencers with thousands of followers, making cash, while you post daily… and… and ….and nothing happens.….
But, then one day, (EVRIKAaa)… you found out about: algorithms and how they work:
hashtags, interacting with others, giving like, dislike, emoticons, happy faces, happy faces, tearful faces, angry faces, hearts and all sorts of tips and tricks all those influencers do.

Do you think the next-gen will be different? The future is about: How-to trick-talk with an AI… And there are already mechanisms. And marketplaces are already appearing. Neutron Field is one of them. It is a curated AI text-to-image prompt, in case you don’t know how to make those nice images that gain likes, crypto-money, and…. Fame. You buy from others those nice AI images.

Another example when you must talk with AI is...
If you want to have a job! So, how to make your CV if screened by AIs? Let’s suppose you want to be a Metaverse-Manager

Firstly, Lower your Creativity! Forget about uniqueness, and subtle formulations, because in a CV, AI counts keywords, phrases, and text strings.
Read the job application, and feed them back by using all the buzz words in sentences. So put web3, metaverse, immersive, NFTs, etc. As many times as possible. But, not one after another, you do have to make nice sentences.

Make sure you personalize your CV for each application – from the announcement, you have to realize what the company wants and what keywords they use. And feed them back to the algorithm. And start being in AI communities – companies love to change their algorithms – so you can develop a “learning addiction”.

We know, a little bit too much work – gone are the days of one good CV and then sending it to 100 companies. You might ask why then it was said that AI will help our jobs?

Well, AI helps recruiters’ jobs; did anyone said that AI will help you when searching for job? 🙂

…and, we almost forgot, no sense of humor in CV, AI does not get that: read on TechvangArt

So, now, when you see so many cases, start to train yourself, maybe you can be an AI-Talk-Trainer.

Impact of your new AI-Talker-job- or how does talking to AI influence Humanity?

The must-have talk with an AI is it just about learning a new skill that will make us, human beings richer?
During our evolutionary processes, when humanity invented the needle, the sewing machine, till contemporary cases of VR, all these changed who we are.

Humans invented rules, gestures, and then our body and way of thinking and seeing the world has changed to adapt to these changes. The clothes we wear, the apps we use, the cars we drive end up changing humanity.

And if the next-big-thing is mandatory conversational skills with AIs, the question is:
How talking with AIs will change our way of thinking, negotiating, talking and seeing the world?
How will it affect our cognition?
Studies about the influence of technology on us are only at the beginning. But, it is clear that constant interactions with technology are changing our brains. They influence the information we remember, our physical orientation and even the things that make us happy.

For example, let’s take the Google Effect (last retrieved: August 2022). Having all the information at hand and relying heavily on virtual assistance, obstruct little by little our memory – more specifically the mechanisms of information retrieval are affected.


Isn’t GPS wonderful? Yes, it is! But, did you know that it affects humans using the brain’s ability to orient itself and the brain areas dedicated to spatial orientation and navigation reduce their activity?

There is also prove that incorporating AIs into decision-making, influences the way we make and judge decisions. There is a diffusion of responsibility, ‘ the AI/algorithm made me do it’, and it was proven by researcher dr. Renée Richardson Gosline

On the other hand, some researchers argue that AI development will leave more time for humans to invest in culture, leisure and self-development. Technically true, but are there efforts and policies in that direction to encourage this type of evolution? Till now, the reality is that in developed countries, IQ scores are getting lower and lower. And not since 1-2 years, the trend is for many years.

Hopefully, someone will try to change that. Or not. Because dumb = cash. In our short-term-thinking society: more dumb people mean more dummies-type shows and more greedy-profits. In the long term, we know that the population’s IQ correlates with prosperity, growth, and innovation. 

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