ShapeShifting Experts. The Innoventologist FairyTale

by paradoxig

Our New Era needs New People: Experts in Different Domains, in Multiple Domains, all at the same time.
Yesterday it was in NFT, Metaverse, DEFI, etc . Today it is in AI, and tomorrow it will be in…And all-Expertise comes hand in hand with All-Visibility. On all social-media and conferences.
How grand it can be to be able to make grant products, researches and/or stories and in the same time to be highly visible.
This article is about our Future Work driven by the New Experts.
Don#t take it seriously. Or take it seriously 🙂

Let’s start first with a short story:

(part 1)

Once upon a time in a land not so far-far-far away, there was a human – let’s call him…Ralph – who fancied himself as an expert in the field of “Innoventology.” It was a term he had coined to describe his supposed ability to come up with innovative solutions to any problem. He had no formal training or education in this field, but he managed to convince a few gullible clients to hire him for his “services.”

And one day, Ralph was hired by a company that was looking for ways to improve their productivity. Ralph took one look at their factory floor and proclaimed that he had the solution. He called it the “Quantum Efficiency Strategy,” which involved rearranging the machines in a “quantum” pattern to maximize productivity. The company executives, not understanding a word of what Ralph was saying, were nonetheless impressed and hired him on the spot.

Ralph went to work, moving the machines around, drawing diagrams, and muttering about quantum physics. A week later, the executives came to check on the progress of the Quantum Efficiency Strategy. They were astonished to find that the productivity levels had plummeted. Machines were missing parts, the assembly line was in chaos, and no one knew where anything was.

When the executives confronted Ralph, he simply shrunk back and claimed that he needed more time to work his magic. But as the weeks went by, it became clear that the Quantum Efficiency Strategy was a complete failure. The company had to spend a huge sum of money to undo Ralph’s damage and get their operations back on track.

Let’s stop the Story here, and Reflect on our So-Called-Ralph (and later we go to the Happy-End, because well…it is a just a FairyTale- co-created with AI)

How relevant is the So-Called-Ralph? It has many facets and takes many shapes. But, in a time of history, So-Called-Ralph had a not-so-fancy- job, probably a project manager in a company, or a communication assistant, marketing advisor, or consultant needed for smaller or bigger tasks. But, then one day, trendy and new jobs were appearing.

The Era of Trendy-Techs began.
Innovation Managers, Growth Directors, Digitalisation Experts, Head of (FancyName) Lab, Evangelists, Ninjas, Community Catalysts, and all sorts of… Influencers.

A new tech era needed brand new jobs.

And So-Called-Ralph rebranded itself. Anyhow, all these new-type of jobs had roots in old-type of jobs, like his own.

But, in time, as all these web2 types of jobs suffered a decline, a new era was born.

NFT-mania. People could hardly explain what is blockchain, but as NFT kicked off, and everybody googled the term, new jobs were born: NFT-expert. Many Innovation-Experts were rebranded as NFT experts.
Alongside NFTs, Crypto-experts were born:

Crypto-Academies were set-up, exchanges, you could hardly do anything without having THE Wallet and Coins or Tokens.

DEFI experts realised that one can become an expert on decentralised finance, without knowing too much about… finance, fintech, or having a banking background. Their moment shined. Shortly.

DAOs started their experimentation phase, and anybody with skills in community building, now, was renamed as DAO – builder.

But, when crypto-winter kicked in, it was the time for Metaverse and web3 crowd to shine.

Facebook turned into Meta, and the craze reached the Stars, as Metaverse was supposed to bring us billions, or at least some new jobs that pay more than rent. As such, it was the time for So-called-Ralph to make an upgrade.

Everybody knew suddenly all about VR, AR, and XR, competition kicked in.

It was the turn of AI to show its muscles and it showed. Midjourney, Dalle-E, and ChatGPT, not to mention that every day, AI tools are coming up, at an incredible pace.

AI is beating The Metaverse, clearly.

Nowadays, you can see, especially on platforms such as Linkedin or others, crowds with the title AI-experts. But, we assume, this AI is just a momentarly trend, before experts will have a new face, obviously also acting on global level.

Fabulous and Woooow, it’s totally mind-blowing that these incredibly indebted “global speakers and experts” grace people with their presence at conferences just to enlighten us plebs on “how things are done”. How lucky are we to be in their presence? eye roll

Because, real experts, that actually build things, don’t really have time to go to each conference, and post regularly on multiple platforms. Somebody has to do some work because the so-called-Raplhy is to be able to enjoy Glory.

Glory, the savior of all
For the so-called-Ralphies to stand tall
Real experts don’t have time to waste
On conferences they don’t trust or embrace

They build with their skills, wit and might
Not post on platforms day and night
Glory brings them all together
To work, innovate, and thrive forever

So let the Ralphies join in the song
But let the real experts prove them wrong
For it takes more than words and spam
To build a legacy that will stand

Glory is the winner in the end
For it unites the real experts, my friend
So let the Glory reign supreme
And let the Ralphies dream their dream

The only question is: How long will AI be the king? or paraphrAIsing William Shakespeare ”How many sunsets shall AI seize the throne”?

There are many so-called-Ralph$, with a career path as such:
Whatever-mid-class-job -> innovation-something -> global speaker -> NFTadvisor -? Crypto -> web3 -> Fancy DAOs -> DEFI specialist -> Metaverse Evangelists-> AI experts -> ?

Currently, happening with AI ‘experts’
-meme, widely circulating on social media –

So-called-Ralph$ job description and learning ways: read from others, and say the same thing or give advises that you can find everywhere, but with a deep attitude, such as: ‘you have to believe in yourself’

Besides the So-Called-Ralph$, genuine experts from these domains, who for years studied, and developed products, experiences, studies, etc, are not visible anymore. Or have low visibility. They worked on VR, AR, blockchain, crypto, or AI long before these were in the hype, but somehow are hard to find- also because of Ralphy$ that have time to copy-paste-write discourse, opinions, and sometimes even books. .

But, it is sure that in this rapidly changing society, new hypes will come in. Where will the So-called-Ralphs go next (and blur the genuine experts from these domains?) We are betting that these domains will be infested and will have to deal with new infusion of “experts”:
-Futurists – already started to appear vs So-Called-Ralphs Futurists
-Science Evangelists or Ethicists (quantum, neurotech, etc) vs So-Called-Ralphs Scientists
-Space Futurists vs So-Called-Ralphs Space experts

Any other ideas for So-Called-Ralph? Because our poor character will soon have to ShapeShift its expertise Again.

The happy ending… But, just because this is Fairytale…

The Innoventologist (part 2)
”Sleep soundly the world doesn’t change, it just spins!”

''Ralph became known as the man who invented a bunch of fancy-sounding terms for utter nonsense. His "innoventology" was exposed as a fraud, and he never got another client''.

The lesson:Beware of self-proclaimed experts who invent new names for their nonexistent expertise”.

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