• Designing between Earth and Space

    by paradoxig

    Nonfiction Design turns science fiction into reality for a better future with the goal to innovate in multidisciplinary teams, use constantly novel technology. And the innovations are mostly related to Space.  Space offers opportunities for all industries, and 50 years from now every industry will have a foot in space, …

  • Art Goes To Space

    by paradoxig

    Some time ago we were asking ourselves how can creatives contribute to the Space? (read TechvangArt article: Creative Jobs in the Space Disruption Business) And, at Tomorrow Conference Dubai 2023, we have found an interesting approach that… sends Art to Space. New Fashionable Space Suite, Floating Art for An Entire …

  • Creative Jobs in The Space Business Disruption?

    by paradoxig

    Perseverance successfully landed on Mars! In great shape, Perseverance is up to work to discover the undiscovered land.NASA engineers celebrate the achievements of Science, Businesses are already thinking of Space-Business!The big question is the Arty Sector: if and when will be invited to join the Party? And if not invited, …