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by paradoxig

Some time ago we were asking ourselves how can creatives contribute to the Space? (read TechvangArt article: Creative Jobs in the Space Disruption Business) And, at Tomorrow Conference Dubai 2023, we have found an interesting approach that… sends Art to Space. New Fashionable Space Suite, Floating Art for An Entire new generation of Spacelings Identities ready to… take a Travel into Space.

STEM (Science, Technology. Engineering, Mathematics) might soon add a new letter STEAM, an A form Arts. As artists start to prove that no Space Travel or Discussion can exist without meaningful artistic discourse. Interdisciplinary thinking, space travel that might eventually happen one day, projects related to lunar mining, and other interesting stellar initiatives will need not only interdisciplinary thinking, and artists can’t stay aside, The Space also needs creative thinking. The good news is that Space is not something that only NASA can do 🙂

Ayesha Mubarak Ali (Co-Founder / Creative Director, MetaVisionaries) presented shortly some of their initiatives, thoughts and questions that interlinks art and space, with immersive technology, but also AI, and scientific research. Creating bridges adn having diverse teams is essential in advancing space. So, what are the opportunities for Artists in Space?

Sending Art into The Space

There are some space art installations that are going into space – For example, Takuro Osaka is one of the artists experimenting with art in space.


For more artworks and experiments, visit Takuro Osaka website.

Experiments were done also with 3D printed objects that were left in space and some of them have integrated an AI algorithm that can communicate new forms of information that you can access in the future and then create new predictions, highlighted Ayesha Mubarak Ali.

Floating Art

Floating installations offer a new perspective, just by the fact that viewers see the art in space, and it’s there and it’s breathing. Question is that In a world that is untouchable, how do we respond to that idea, what does that mean?, reflect Ayesha Mubarak Ali. For example, Japanese artist Makoto Azuma is quite literally pushing the boundaries out of this world, and he sent some art installations into space.

Another interesting aspect about space is that anything that you send to space is influenced by the microgravity effect. Microgravity itself is something that changes how an experiment performs on Earth, compared to how elements perform in another environment, such as the Space. And even industries and brands like like Rolls Royce are now sending their experiments to space, highlighted Ayesha Mubarak Ali.

Human Identity

Another question that we usually think about is human identity. What does it mean and how do we navigate the idea of human identity in the future? How will we perform in the sense that I like how there are so many cultures. Will it be the same space for everyone, like the images that we see of the NASA astronaut wearing this really huge? Was this my tiny spacecraft? Is this something that you want to wear? Is that functional enough?, pointed Ayesha Mubarak Ali.

Fashion in Space: Space Suits

Besides, Space food that will be needed if space travel becomes a global phenomena, Space Suits is another interesting topic. Through Space Suit, Ayesha Mubarak Ali says that we can learn how to navigate the sense of human identity and collectivism…. “If something is the same for everyone, it is becoming boring. But, Space Suits can create a sense of Identity in Space, while mixing it with functionality” Lets just remember Dune. Frank Herbert invented the stillsuit. Worn by the inhabitants of the desert planet Arrakis, stillsuits capture any moisture that leaves the body and recycle it back into drinkable water (the stillsuits reflect an ecological necessity)

Spaces Suit you can also add AI. A Space Suit is like a Fashion Design, but of course a space suit has to have security systems and functionalities needed to be able to live in Space. So, how can we combine Fashion with Engineering, with Biology to assure that Astronauts have the best possible time in Space? One of the projects done by MetaVisionaries was thinking together with fashion designers, artists,scientists and experts from NASA and Blue Origin on how to create a space suit more accessible, using also active materials – materials that can have body adjustments that allow you for space travel.

In addition, space suits might have integrated microbots crawling on your skin that can capture that data of body temperature or can do an emotions mapping, offering valuable information to the Astronauts.

Space Food is another area that will develop quickly, because space travel will need special nutrition. And an interesting research was done by Neri Oxman that thought of a wearable that would store the vitamins and nutrients needed in travels. These wearable can also be designed for some Spaces that have certain characteristics and the human body would need a certain level of oxygen or vitamin.

Projects done by Ayesha and MetaVisionaries

Some of the projects done by Ayesha and her team include: Investigating diverse cultural identity in space, Sending Art to space, Space suit Designs.

MetaVisionaries have a metaverse with innovation labs, education sessions, but also an Art gallery

Ayesha Mubarak Ali, Co-Founder / Creative Director, Metavisionaries

Ayesha Mubarak Ali, is a Visual Tech-Artist and Wearable Art Designer/Researcher, focusing on Fusion-art practices. She is the Founder and CEO of Oshii Brownie Phygital Company and Co-Founder of Metavisionaries. Her work often explores the synergy between humans and machines, the intersection of technology and identity. By combining sci-fi themes, and the hidden mysteries of fractal worlds, she creates interactive and hybrid experiences through her multi-layered visuals and VR concepts.

She has displayed her work at the WOW festival, Islington Mill, Mowna Biennale, Karachi Biennale 2022, Be-Fantastic Tech-Art, NFT.NYC, MET-AMS, INNOVATE 100, Women of the Future Book, Forbes Middle East, GEO, SAAMA, Express-News, Independent Urdu, E27, DailyTimes, etc. Her research is published in the areas of Digital Fashion, Light Pollution, and sustainable art practices in international journals.

About MetaVisionaries

Metavisionaries is a community of changemakers, thought leaders and industry experts who are committed to providing access to the space economy and frontier technologies to build socially inclusive competency and human capacity required to meet immediate and future sustainability challenges.We do this through our MetaEduVersity and space campus the Metaship which utilizes web3 and the metaverse combined with our physical SPACE INNOVATION LABS with our partners ICE Cubes. These labs will be strategically placed globally to ensure socially inclusive access to resources, tools and networks of industry experts to build purpose driven organizations focussed on solving sustainability challenges.

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