Dress4MultiverseSuccess. XR+AI-Couturist

by paradoxig

Sometimes in the near Future, you are preparing to go out in our Virtual Phygital Quantum Spaces. And, this time, modesty aside, you really want to make a magnificent impression, so you call your AI – Fashion Designer: “Hey, my dear AI 23xbetavogue2033, I need to be special tonight”. But, AI keeps generating garments, thousands of times already seen in all Multiverses and Metaverses, and Quantum Cool-Spaces. You keep adding words in your prompts, new styles, magical words, ancient words, futurist words, but… all you get is the same-Boring.

Welcome to a Probable Future! where AI-made dresses are endlessly perpetuated, and a new profession will appear: Futurist XR+AI+++ Stylists that work with AIs, but are better-than-AIs.
Hmm… the word in the prompt can be the world… How the hell did we arrive here?
AI was supposed to help, and not to create this pile of endless fashion/clothes cloning without any ‘spark’, taste or style. Let’s take a look back into fashion-history.

Pre-Metaverse Short History

In the early days of Metaverses,
everybody thought that the world around us is about to change, and technology will be a major driver.
In 2022, The metaverse was estimated to be a billion business – Metaverse Industry Report published by Strategic Market Research confirms that the global market value is $47.48 billion in 2022, and it is expected to surpass the value of $678.80 billion by 2030.
Definitely, fashion will definitely be part of it. Already, we witness that fashion brands are entering the virtual environment, alongside more native only-virtual designers.
Virtual fashion has created new ways for brands, designers, and consumers to create and experience fashion. With Augmented Reality, NFT’s, and wearables in Metaverse worlds like Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox, and Fortnite, audiences were able to experience fashion in new and immersive ways.

Buying Virtual Fashion

Virtual fashion market-places were in place in 2022, and these were some of people’s favorites at that time:


At the same time, new innovative tools driven by AI were appearing: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion or Dalle E, are not just making art, but also fashion. Give some example:

Tools to easily go from 2D-to-3D started to appear, for example with Kaedim.

and in the future, TEXT- TO-3D was easily done. Most probably, a fusion between XR and AI in fashion.

This was the moment when everybody started to create. People enjoyed changing their clothes instantly in Virtual worlds – no need for special preparation when you jump from your office hours, to the rendez-vous.
In addition, musical dresses can appear (or at least harmonic sounds transmitters), but also (it would be very spectacular to watch the material and materiality in various interactive forms) for example dresses driven by AI that can interact with other dresses.

All these new forms seem to be at the top of Fashion-Disruption… Although some would say, that all started from the alternative fashion designers such as:
Roman Ermakov who already in 2015 started to done garments out of cubes, circles, and things alike


Windowsen. Fashion critics could not figure out if the show was for regular people or for Avatars or to inspire completely unstylish Metaverse such as Meta.

The BOOM: Virtual Fantasies in Physical

Already in 2021, Amber Slooten (The Fabricant) when talked about the Future of Fashion, foreseen amix between virtual and physical, for example:

“Smart fashion in the physical world: where clothes will be comfortable and smart and can tell you for example what type of nutrient you would need” Amber Slooten (The Fabricant)

Read more : Virtual Beings Summit – The Outlines

New materials? Spray your dress!

A big hit was back in 2022 at Paris Fashion Week – Spray your dress!

Parisian fashion brand Coperni uses Fabrican’s sprayable, liquid fiber to spray a dress onto a model at its Spring Summer 2023 show at Paris Fashion Week.
The material used to create the spray-on dress was developed by spray-on fabric technology company Fabrican Ltd which was founded in 2003 by Spanish scientist and fashion designer Manel Torres.

People asked will the future be like: “Dear AI, Spray me a dress”?

AI-driven Fashion?

AI-material are already in infancy? Seattle-based artist Casey Curran builds kinetic sculptures that appear in a constant state of growth and bloom, opening and closing with the assistance of motors or hand-cranked systems. The works are inspired by complex systems in nature, yet aren’t obvious imitations of any particular source plant or natural object. As well as large-scale art installations, Casey also creates bespoke pieces for the fashion industry.

In the process of creating, I look for patterns in nature and symmetry in ecosystems. I look for how innovation shapes itself into our ever-expanding systems of complexity and knowledge Casey Curran

More about the work of Casey Curran https://www.caseycurran.com/

Fashion As Art

And shows for Wearable Arts were amazing – combining fashion, art, expressions, technology, performance and imaginations that goes beyond-imagination

Read about Wearable Art (Wow) Awards Winners


NASA and others are not really thinking-fashion. Till now, all we see are boring astronaut dresses. But, things might change. Hopefully. And this is how Space Couture might look like. -( with midjourney)

Dresses Were always for Successes? 😛

It seemed that fashion was always linked to human self-expression and desire to be special and have success. Even the grannies of our grannies knew it – found in archive such a proof for dress4success via Roxette:

Q: curious how they did that background - at that time, history says that Unreal or Unity was not present, did they just destroy a wall?

Need for AI- Fashion Couture Curators

So, the future of Couture will be all about Virtual, AI-driven, New materials will appear and it will change fashion. Might it be repetitive? Yes, it might – Already some warned back in the early days of pre-Metaverses.

AI is trained on historical data, it might become a danger that endless multiple-garments are created, and you will need to rely on Expert-Stylist to make you unique.

Would have been wonderful, if these Fashion Couture Curators had been trained in the past already when baby-AI and XR instruments were appearing – to have somebody that knows digital instruments, but also fashion trends, can understand your personality, and can adjust garments to fit you.

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