virtual fashion

  • Maya ES – Dance of the Lights

    by paradoxig

    If you are looking to get inspired with some Virtual Fashion, we suggest you Maya ES – Dance of the Lights. Dance of the Lights Video Maya ES impresses with her creation that combines 3D, AI, and sometimes storytelling. If you want to see more of the creations or processes,…

  • Dress4MultiverseSuccess. XR+AI-Couturist

    by paradoxig

    Sometimes in the near Future, you are preparing to go out in our Virtual Phygital Quantum Spaces. And, this time, modesty aside, you really want to make a magnificent impression, so you call your AI – Fashion Designer: “Hey, my dear AI 23xbetavogue2033, I need to be special tonight”. But,…

  • Fashionable Virtonautics -XR Couture

    by paradoxig

    -> If you are really interested in digital fashion, one place where you find a diverse palette of garments at an affordable price is XR Couture -> If you are not interested in digital fashion, you might be, after visiting XR Couture-> And if you would like to find out the intriguing story…