future of work

  • Dress4MultiverseSuccess. XR+AI-Couturist

    by paradoxig

    Sometimes in the near Future, you are preparing to go out in our Virtual Phygital Quantum Spaces. And, this time, modesty aside, you really want to make a magnificent impression, so you call your AI – Fashion Designer: “Hey, my dear AI 23xbetavogue2033, I need to be special tonight”. But,…

  • X-Washing Syndrome. Fake-Changers Schemes

    by paradoxig

    From Ancient Religious rituals that washed away the Sin and Medici schemes of ‘Selling Forgiveness’, to Contemporary practice of Business unethical behavior (such as greenwashing), washing seems to be an universal remedy. And when washing is coupled with greed and coins, the results obtained were in favour of the Few…

  • The Future of Work(ers protest)

    by paradoxig

    1 May. May Day. Internationally Workers’ Day.A legendary day that represented the history of workers’ struggle for humane working conditions and equality. Parades. Banners. Music. All these were part of the May Day celebration. Nowadays is celebrated in 90 countries, but somehow the political-activist attitude vanished.But, well, it is still…