New French-Taiwanese axis for XR

by paradoxig
NewImages Festival
inaugurates a new French-Taiwanese axis for XR

While waiting for its 4th edition on June 9 to 13 2021, NewImages Festival continues its international developments.
Thanks to two strategic partnerships, the festival intends to create and structure a strong axis between France and Taiwan in the domain of immersive realities.

  1. An unprecedented alliance with TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content Agency)
    NewImages Festival inaugurates a new deal with TAICCA, an organism under the trusteeship of the Taiwanese ministry of culture. For Mrs. Hsiao-Ching Ting, its president, NewImages Festival and TAICCA “share the same values and the same ambitions towards XR creation. We are betting on this partnership to accelerate talent exchanges between the two countries”.
    The result of this association the Taiwan-France XR Day is a professional program that’ll take place first in Paris, right before the next edition, then during fall, in Taipei, and that will reunite French and Taiwanese actors of XR. Michaël Swierczynski, director of NewImages Festival, emphasizes: “This collaboration offers a unique opportunity to strengthen exchanges and synergies, to favorize co-productions […]
    This is a strong engagement on behalf of our two countries for the structuration and the expansion of the XR industry”.
  2. Kaohsiung Film Festival – French Office in Taipei: the residency program renewed
    The privileged relationship that NewImages Festival entertains with Taiwan is also incarnated in the renewal, for the 3rd year in a row, of the creation residency with the Kaohsiung Film Festival and the French Office in Taipei. At the occasion, the program takes the name of Taiwan XR Residency and will from now on be open to all extended realities.
    Since 2018, this 6 to 8 weeks-long residency in Kaohsiung follows a French creator (or French resident creator) in their project development, notably allowing them to benefit from a creation fund (10 000€), tailored-made support, and networking opportunities with Taiwanese professionals.

Through these unprecedented partnerships, whether initiated or renewed, the Forum des images festival shapes a model of support to immersive creation and its industry like no other, with the ambition to adapt it to other regions of the world, as it is currently doing in Africa, echoing with Season Africa2020.

Celebrating the most innovative forms of narration, through immersive shows, interactive experiences and festive digital events at the crossroads of artistic fields, NewImages Festival is actively working on its 4th edition which will take place on June 9 to 13 2021.
The opening of its call for projects – XR Competition, XR Financing Market and Taiwan XR Residency – is set to January, 21st. Head to

Le Forum des images
The cultural institution of the City of Paris created in 1988, the Forum des images celebrates cinema and digital creation in all their forms, crossing several missions with singularity: programming, image education, and collection of cinematographic works.
It explores all domains of animated image: fiction, animation, documentary, video game and, since 2016, committed to democratizing new narrations.
Each year, it organizes several film cycles and around twenty festivals, lauded by the public – 320 000 visitors – and by professionals. Since 2018, it launched a digital creation school, free of charge and aimed towards 12 to 18 years old youths. 1 500 students follow this innovative learning system.

Taiwan Creative Content Agency (TAICCA), established in June 2019 and supervised by the Ministry of Culture, is a professional intermediary organization that promotes the development of Taiwan’s content industries.
TAICCA supports various cultural content industries in Taiwan, including film and television, pop music, publishing, ACG, and fashion, artworks and cultural technologies.
With advanced information and communication technology infrastructure and emerging technologies in Taiwan, TAICCA manages National Development Fund to develop intellectual property (IP), incubate culture technologies, and facilitate startups.
Through international distribution channels, TAICCA strives to promote Taiwan’s cultural brand in the world.

Kaohsiung Film Festival
The Kaohsiung Film Festival – hosted by Kaohsiung Film Archive -, has been one of Taiwan’s major international film festivals and the first festival in Taiwan to focus on virtual reality (“VR”) and XR content since 2017.
As the pioneer of nurturing VR young talents in Taiwan, KFF uses its niche to inspire Taiwanese creators and connect VR creators from all around the world.
Throughout the years, the Kaohsiung Film Festival has become a renowned platform in Taiwan for Immersive XR exhibition and the production of original VR contents through the Kaohsiung VR FILM LAB

French Office in Taipei
The Bureau français de Taipei (French Office in Taipei) mainly promotes cooperation between France and Taiwan in the fields of economy, culture, education and technology. As for the Cultural Service, the audiovisual sector promotes French creative talent and expertise in the areas of film, XR, video games, music and more, and helps create links between French and Taiwanese professionals in order to stimulate cooperation and coproduction.

Source of information
Forum des images – phone: +33 (0)1 44 76 63 00 and

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