• New French-Taiwanese axis for XR

    by paradoxig

    While waiting for its 4th edition on June 9 to 13 2021, NewImages Festival continues its international developments.Thanks to two strategic partnerships, the festival intends to create and structure a strong axis between France and Taiwan in the domain of immersive realities. An unprecedented alliance with TAICCA (Taiwan Creative Content…

  • Synesthesia. Gift or Curse?

    by paradoxig

    ‘Music is liquid Architecture; Architecture is frozen Music’ – Goethe Do you want to hear the sound of time? Or maybe taste the music? Or see its colors? Or the dance of sculptures? And no, we have not just taken some…. mushrooms, before writing this article. But we really discovered…

  • Future of VR : VeeR

    by paradoxig

    As VR is still an emerging field, these type of startups are quite rare in the ecosystem. Definitely, it is not easy to set up a business and convince investors to be the first to pull funds in a domain that might or might not grow. However, for creators, having…