digital humans

  • China, Sichuan: Metaverse Strategy

    by paradoxig

    Sichuan aims to contribute to the development of the Chinese Metaverse. Recently, local authorities have outlined their action plan for the development of the metaverse industry that focus on the continuous development of research and advancement of new technologies, industrial collaboration and creation of open platforms, but also highlight the…

  • Digital Humans Building: Vera

    by paradoxig

    Avatars, Digital Humans, Digital Twins, Virtual Beings. These are trends, expected to only grow in the future in all forms. Even Gartner’s hype predict especially Digital Humans to be growing trend in the next year (read more here): AI/XR Trends Reincarnation, personalization, animating, represents that process of evolutionary essentialization of…

  • AI/XR Tech Tools for New Trends

    by paradoxig

    As Gartner released its 2022 report about Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech, all metaverse/ immersive/ AI creative enthusiasts can celebrate as their favorite playground got into the report. The Hype Cycle release by Gartner is a analysis about the reception for new and disruptive technologies – from the moment of…