Digital Humans in Society – Use Cases

by paradoxig

Eight Japanese companies (NEC Corporation, Digital Human, Tobu Top Tours, Shogakukan Shueisha Production, Seven Bank, SENSY, AIHUB) released the “Digital Human White Paper 2023” through the Digital Human Council and it started recruiting new participating companies with the aim of promoting social implementation.

This council was established in April 2023 with the purpose of carrying out concrete studies towards realizing a prosperous society using digital humans. A total of six meetings have been held so far, with each participating company taking turns presenting on “their own technologies and initiatives,” “possibility of utilizing digital humans,” and “business development using AI,’.

The newly released white paper provides an opportunity to share with society how to utilize digital humans, initiatives, and the direction of social implementation, and provides an opportunity to deepen understanding, as well as presents several use case examples for social implementation.

The council will continue its activities by broadly recruiting new participating companies in order to promote the concrete social implementation of use cases that utilize digital humans.

Digital Human White Paper 2023: HERE

The Council believes that people’s daily lives will become more convenient and enriched by implementing services and solutions that utilize digital humans in society. However, in order to achieve this goal, we believe that it is necessary to raise awareness throughout society and gain understanding and cooperation from all parties. Based on this, we have published a white paper with the aim of providing an opportunity for society to share and understand the social significance brought about by the use of digital humans, as well as how to use them, initiatives, and the direction of social implementation. I have summarized it.

The white paper exemplifies nine use cases as a result of discussions through the council.

A. “Optimization of hospitality”
B. “My alter ego”
C. “A compatible partner”
D. “Repetition practice table”
E. “Secret conversation partner”
F. “Tough-mouthed advisor”
G. “Resident Observer”
H. “Digital Idol”
I. “Digital Community”


Source pf information: PR Times Japan

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