China, Sichuan: Metaverse Strategy

by paradoxig

Sichuan aims to contribute to the development of the Chinese Metaverse. Recently, local authorities have outlined their action plan for the development of the metaverse industry that focus on the continuous development of research and advancement of new technologies, industrial collaboration and creation of open platforms, but also highlight the role of content creation using new technologies with a focus on cultural and creative industries, radio and TV, entertainment, education, and marketing type of content.

One of the ambitious objectives is that by 2025, Sichuan’s metaverse industry will reach 250 billion yuan (approx. $34 billion), and the comprehensive industrial competitiveness will reach the leading position in the country. In addition, it is envisioned that key laboratories, engineering (technology) research centers and other technical research and innovation platforms in the metaverse field will be established. As such the growth of key industries, including cultural tourism, radio and television, entertainment, education, urban development will be ensured.

To ensure all these several tasks were suggested in the document. Strengthening key core technology research is a priority with a focus on key technologies such as 8K ultra-high-definition, accelerate the development and application of chips such as CPU (central processing unit), GPU (graphics processing unit), and enrich ultra-high-definition screens and naked-eye 3D, holographic display and other products.

The plan also outline the creation of an industrial collaborative innovation platform that will support major public innovation platforms such as enterprise technology centers, engineering (technology) research centers, manufacturing innovation centers, technology innovation centers, and innovation consortiums in the province’s digital twins, virtual and augmented reality, and fusion simulation, and empower around the Metaverse.

The consolidation of the base for infrastructure innovation is also envisioned by accelerating the construction of communication infrastructure such as 5G/6G, Internet of Things, and satellite Internet, while carrying out advanced computing technology research, and promoting the optimization and upgrading of existing computing technologies such as high-performance computing, cloud computing.

Furthermore, the tasks also specify the adoption and several use cases for Digital Twin Space construction and applications in the metaverse for Digital Humans in the field of entertainment, culture, tourism or sport, but also finance and health. We can expect an as the strategy also highlights the Content Creation aspects with a focus on cultural and creative industries, radio and TV, entertainment, education, and marketing type of content.

The White paper also suggests improving industry service capabilities by strengthening the role of bridges between relevant industry associations and industry alliances in the metaverse and the government, enterprises, and markets.

The entire paper can be read HERE.

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