CultTech Accelerator: #2 Batch

by paradoxig

On February 16th from 14:30 to 20:00 PM the CultTech Accelerator will host their Demo day of Batch #2 at the Palais Pálffy in Vienna and ONLINE!
At the event, the spotlight will be on startups who have participated in the Second Batch of the program, and are now excited to pitch to investors, and members of both the cultural and tech communities!
The CultTech Accelerator program is key to realising the vision of bringing culture as a vector of change to an immaterial future. Supporting the most promising, game-changing, and driven start-ups is an investment

Interested in joining live or online?

Anyone interested in joining this exciting event can still sign up! There are still a limited number of in person tickets available as well as an unlimited number of online tickets! Get more info and sign up here
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14:30 – 15:00 – Guests arrive
15:00 – 17:00 – Pitches
17:00 – 17:30 – Coffee break
17:30 – 20:00 – Startup Showcases

From 106 applications From Europe & Beyond , just 8 outstanding startups were selected.

Who Are the startups that present tech solutions proposed by Batch #2 startups.

myCulture is like Netflix for art! A mobile app that provides users with personalised recommendations for art exhibitions.
They educate users about art topics in an engaging and easy-to-understand manner.
This way they create long-term relationships between art lovers, museums, and soon, galleries.

Motmo is a Music EdTech platform where original artists teach you how to play their best songs. For more than 30 years, no official materials of pop/rock/indie/metal artists have been published. It has created a huge knowledge gap as thousands of songs have been left without learning materials.
In Motmo you can be sure that what you are learning to play is the same as what the original artist plays.

Guayaba is a streaming platform dedicated only to exceptional films from Latin America. It showcases some of the most original and stimulating movies made worldwide today.

Proofcheck is an AI proofreading app that catches embarrassing errors so that your audience doesn’t. Their in-browser workflow tool harnesses multilingual ML and NLP to intelligently and automatically detect typos and other mistakes in PDF and ePub content, from books and magazines to academic articles and reports.

Cinepster is an animated presentation creation software where all templates are designed by contemporary artists. It puts art to work for the benefit of culture, education, social causes and businesses. It introduces a new art medium to the digital art ecosystem.

United Arts Arena® is the world’s first platform for live NFT art battles and gives talents a stage for their creative energy! There, artists from all over the world will meet and compete in live art battles, connect and unite in a community. #TogetherWeGrow ideas.

ArtCentrica is an app revolution for art learning experience. It provides professors of art and art history with a cloud service that supports and improves lessons in a simple and engaging way. ArtCentrica app allows to visualise in detail, compare, and virtually measure artworks from different museums.on to an art piece.

Instruments of Things offers an easy-to-use real-time motion controller to enable anybody to control music, media and enter the virtual world with new interaction possibilities. It’s a German startup with roots in the MusicTech industry. After entering the live performance market, the next big step is to bring their technology to the Metaverse.

The goal of the CultTech Accelerator is to support the most promising CultTech startups, overcome the challenges of the sector and become global players, in making culture of different types be accessible to every single person. The further goal is to establish CultTech as a category of its own; create the CultTech movement and community, with the accelerator at its core.

The CultTech Accelerator was initiated by the Immaterial Future Association and created in collaboration with Female Founders, as the strategic partner for the initial phase, bringing together expertise and networks from across the startup, tech, culture and art scenes in Europe and beyond.


Immaterial Future
A Vienna-based non-profit association. It was established in 2021 to shift our world’s growth model towards intangible production and consumption, with culture as a main vector of change. It aims to leverage culture’s huge untapped potential to positively impact every single human, breaking away from its elitist confines and becoming more accessible to all.
The first step was Immaterial Awards, organised in 2021 for innovative solutions which make culture the driver of humanity’s growth.

Female Founders
Female Founders is the European market leader in driving gender diversity in tech and innovation, reaching over 45k people across Europe. The company works with startups, investors and corporates who believe in creating an equal future through providing equal opportunities for everyone. Among their many programs, services and events, Female Founders has been running their own investment readiness accelerator – Grow F, for female-led startups. The program has had 6 successful batches, with 59 portfolio companies who have raised a total of 22M+ EUR.

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