We bring you fresh news from Vienna, the vibrant and undisputed cultural centre of Austria. On 4 September, 6 CultTech Startups finalists meet the Jury to advocate their startups in the decisive competition that was meant to decide on the Big Winner of the first edition of the IF INNOVATION AWARD

And 🥁🥇🥁🏆🥁🏆🥁🥇🏆🥁🥁….. the winner is…. 🥁🥇🥁🏆🥁🏆🥁🥇🏆🥁

Rebecca Hui Founder of Roots Studio

Roots Studio, based in New York, works with indigenous artists globally to digitize their unique and endangered heritage arts onto new mediums through a model that can financially support their livelihoods, community, and traditions. Throughout This project Roots studio helps more than 2,200 traditional artists from India, Indonesia, Middle East, and other regions and helps them to digitize their cultural heritage into intellectual property for licensing.

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soon we will publish our conversation with Rebecca Hui, CEO and Co-founder of Roots Studio 

TechvangArt was present to meet during the IF INNOVATION AWARD event the 6 finalists that were invited to Vienna to pitch in front of investors. The short pitches were inspiring, presenting all ideas that might change the ecosystem in the future.

While the questions from the Jury were meant to clarify both impacts of the projects and business models. But, there is only one winner… 

The head of the Jury members OLIVER HOLLE – (Chairman), Founder and Managing Partner of Speedinvest said that between the decision makers was a consensus related to the winner, and the choice was motivated by the potential for global scale both in terms of impact for the creative community, but also business-wise in a project that can create a global business. In addition to that, creating a broader definition of art and democratizing art, and giving access to both monetization of art, but also access to art was a point taken into considerations by the Jury, highlighted Olliver Halle

TVA note: And maybe it fits Austria to recognize amazing initiatives with a social design flavor, considering that the basis was set up by Austrian-born American designer Victor Josef Papanek – a strong advocate for socially and ecologically responsible design. 

For 2021 edition of IF Award jury members selected 6 teams from 165 submissions (52 countries )- an amazing array of innovative approaches to solve the cultural world’s most pressing challenges, with a particular focus on widening access to culture and providing fair revenue models for creators.


A Note Music, Luxembourg – is a marketplace for investing in music royalties. ANote Music enables publishers, record labels, and artists to sell music rights, introducing a new system of financing, as well as offering users a new investment opportunity and the chance to own shares in promising artists.

ArtMe, São Paulo, Brazil – is enabling artists, curators, visitors, students, teachers to tell stories about an artwork.

Firstrow, München, Germany -brings virtual theater experience to the comfort of your home, with a selection of experiences from selected theaters, operas and other providers.

FloatScans, Amsterdam, Netherlands – is bringing art collections to life digitally, and they want to make it possible to create endless new interactive stories, fully unlock and connect collections, preserve them for future generations, and create new visitor- and business models.

Roots Studio, New York City, USA works with indigenous artists globally to digitize their unique and endangered heritage arts onto new mediums through a model that can financially support their livelihoods, community and traditions.

Scan the World, London, United Kingdom is to share 3D printable sculpture and cultural artefacts using democratised 3D scanning technologies, producing an extensive ecosystem of free to download digital cultural heritage.


The Jury is formed by highly regarded personalities from the worlds of Arts, Technology and Venture Investment.

Oliver Holle – (Chairman), Founder and Managing Partner of Speedinvest, a leading European early stage venture fund;

Philip Ginthör – Digital Entrepreneur, former CEO of Sony Music for the DACH region;

Thierry Baujard – Founder and CEO of Media Deals, a Pan-European investment network focusing on the Creative Industries, active member of the EU’s ‘Creative Shift’ Initiative;

David Yang – Founder of ABBYY, Co-Founder of Yva.ai, a pioneer of Artificial Intelligence;

Dmitry Aksenov – Founder and President of the Immaterial Future association;

Pierre-François Marteau – Board Secretary of the Immaterial Future association

If you want to know more about IF Innovation Award organised by Immaterial Future association, read our article

Immaterial Future (IF), a Vienna-based non-profit association, is established in 2021 to shift our world’s growth model towards intangible production and consumption, with culture as the main vector of change. It aims to leverage culture’s huge untapped potential to positively impact every single human, breaking away from its elitist confines and becoming more accessible to all.

For more details, please visit https://immaterialfuture.org


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