CultTech Accelerator: #1 Batch

by paradoxig

Update: CultTech Accelerator, by Immaterial Future Association and Female Founders, hosted the first Demo day on July 13th in Vienna was truly an unforgettable experience with phenomenal startup pitches, a live showcase of cutting edge culttech solutions and exchange between key members of both the cultural world and startup community. In total there were 60 people joining at MuseumsQuartier in person and almost 160 online viewers! 

The 8 startups pitching included: Artano, Kunstell, Ornamika, Enote, KLOOV, Embodme, Wail and Wiser! All of their pitches and showcases in collaboration with real users, were extremely well received by the investors and CultTech community members in the audience. 

One highlight was Alvo Bosch’s demonstration of the KLOOV app in collaboration with Klangforum Wien. Another, noteworthy mention, was Kunsttell’s sharing of one of their meditations, inspired by Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss” from the Belvedere collection. Startup  Embodme thrilled the audience by giving a musical performance using their newly created musical instrument, using their MIDI Controllers, whilst Wail demonstrated its AI community-focused app in collaboration with Wiener Konzerthaus

“We are very proud and honoured to have such a diversified batch. Throughout the entire duration of this 3-month program, the founders successfully addressed their challenges and showed their achievements today. However today has also served to prove, that the CultTech Accelerator is not just about the acceleration itself, but also about peer support and a true community of like-minded founders”, says Irina Yashina, Head of the CultTech Accelerator.

In addition to the startup presentations the event also included speeches from Dmitry Aksenov (Founding member, Immaterial Future Association), Markus Lang (Partner at Speedinvest) and Carina Klaffl (Female Founders). 

As Mr Aksenov followed up, “As an investor, I have no doubt that investments in CultTech can and should not only have a positive impact on society, but also generate profit. And I hope that the startups, which were the first to go through our accelerator program, will soon prove that. I very much hope that our batch 1 graduates will be invested in, and I wish them every success.”

After such an exciting Demo Day full of pitches and innovative collaborations, everyone is very much looking forward to the second batch of the CultTech accelerator. The application period is open until the 24th of July and the program itself will run from the end of October until the middle of February next year. If you are interested to apply, click here:

If you are interested in (re-)watching any of the pitches from Demo day or getting in contact with the startups you can do so here

….. Event anounce

On July 13th from 3-7pm the CultTech Accelerator will host their first demo day at the Museums Quarter in Vienna and online!
At the event, the spotlight will be on the 8 cutting edge startups who have participated in the first batch of the program, and are now excited to pitch to investors, and members of both the cultural and tech communities!

Who Are the startups that present tech solutions proposed by Batch #1 startups. 

  1. Artano
    Sustainable NFT marketplace for fine art and fashion.
    Artano is a community-curated NFT bazaar connecting top NFT bazaar connecting top artists, fashion brands and galleries to communities on the Cardano blockchain. The team is building the next generation of NFTs, coined infinite NFTs that evolve over time and add time and add data as a new dimension to an art piece.
  2. Wiser Media
    Social curation platform for all types of creative content (video/ audio/ texts).
    Empowered by the creative economy and AI, Wisr is a social curation platform and discovery tool for new media formats such as podcasts, videos, articles and audiobooks. Wiser combines human curation with AI to create the most personalized and intellectually fulfilling media experience ever made.
  3. Enote
    Online library and editor for interactive sheet music.
    What is Enote? Professional scores. Powerful features. Unlimited access. Enote is sheet music for the 21st century. The Enote library has thousands of works from the baroque to the late romantic era, reconstructed in a reliable digital format.
  4. Embodme
    New musical instrument based on easy-to-customize touchscreen.
    Embodme develops proprietary sensor technologies for 3D touch and touchless interaction. This project is born out of a desire to combine both sensitivity and versatility in a seamless object. Experimentation on its surface comes flawlessly bringing musicians closer to their original intents and ideas.
  5. Kunsttell
    AI-app which helps to improve mental health while discovering art.
    kunsttell brings mindfulness to a new level by combining meditation techniques with Mindful Looking.
  6. Wail
    Social marketplace for live events.
    Wail is an organic platform for live events worldwide. A solution for social engagement around events, a marketplace (tickets), event discovery and SAAS for event organisers/ promoters. Wail is a b2b2c service with the aim of connecting the music industry directly with fans.
  7. Kloov
    NFT marketplace for music and new models of royalty connected.
    KLOOV is a social Web3 platform for Music, closing the gap between artists and their audience through innovative monetization & royalty sharing models based on NFT technology.
  8. Ornamika
    AI-based design tool for cultural heritage ornaments and patterns.
    Ornamika is a subscription based AI powered ornaments & patterns design platform. It contains vector reconstructions of world ornamental heritage (from MET museum, ARTIC, Rijksmuseum, Tokyo National Museum, etc), modern patterns with ethical spirit and sfotware allowing to customize patterns and instantly apply them to a speicifc design task.

In addition to the startup pitches, the event will go beyond traditional formats. The startup founders will showcase their solution lives and their collaborations with prominent art and music brands. The whole afternoon will be full of opportunities to network with like-minded people who are at the intersection of culture and technology, learn about the latest innovations in this space and experience the best Vienna culture has to offer.

The CultTech accelerator is designed and run by prominent startup ecosystem member Female Founders, co-founded by Lisa Fassl and Nina Wöss, and experts in the Cultural Field, Immaterial Future Association.
This combined network has attracted some of the most prominent investors in the European Startup Ecosystem as well as key players of the CultTech scene to the event.
This includes: Speedinvest, 3VC, LVenture group, DEPO ventures, Antler and many more. From the art and music scene MAK, Viennacontemporary, Klangforum, Konzerthaus, Belvedere and others will take part.

Interested in joining live or online?

Anyone interested in joining this exciting event can still sign up! There are still a limited number of in person tickets available as well as an unlimited number of online tickets! Get more info and sign up here

But the good news doesn’t stop here because Cultech prepare already Batch #2

Who is eligible to apply?
CultTech startups at the MVP stage. A candidate should have a team of at least 2 people, a registered legal entity, an understanding of its business model and an aspiration to make a positive impact.

If YOU accomplish all those 6 criteria of the CultTech it means you have to apply:

  1. You are in the CultTech industry
  2. You have a team
  3. You have an MVP
  4. Your Legal Entity is already registered
  5. You understand your business model
  6. You aim for impact


Cost of The CultTech Accelerator program
The CultTech Accelerator program is key to realising the vision of bringing culture as a vector of change to an immaterial future. Supporting the most promising, game-changing, and driven start-ups is an investment for which the startups have no equity cost, and where zero costs are involved for the startups, it is FREE.

So, Feel free to apply until July 24, 2022! (Applications must be submitted in English.)
If you want to find out more about CultTech Accelerator join the link:
The two-pager about the program is here:


Also, you can join and help the Cultech community like a Mentor and Expert
You can Follow the link and fill in the form.


*The CultTech Accelerator was initiated by the Immaterial Future Association and created in collaboration with Female Founders, as the strategic partner for the initial phase, bringing together expertise and networks from across the startup, tech, culture and art scenes in Europe and beyond.
*The goal of the CultTech Accelerator is to support the most promising CultTech startups, overcome the challenges of the sector and become global players, in making culture of different types be accessible to every single person. The further goal is to establish CultTech as a category of its own; create the CultTech movement and community, with the accelerator at its core.
*The CultTech program unites everything startups need to reach their goals: deep-dive sessions with industry-leading experts, individual support from experienced mentors and access to Europe’s most successful early-stage investors.

Immaterial Future
A Vienna-based non-profit association. It was established in 2021 to shift our world’s growth model towards intangible production and consumption, with culture as a main vector of change. It aims to leverage culture’s huge untapped potential to positively impact every single human, breaking away from its elitist confines and becoming more accessible to all.
The first step was Immaterial Awards, organised in 2021 for innovative solutions which make culture the driver of humanity’s growth.

Female Founders
Female Founders is the European market leader in driving gender diversity in tech and innovation, reaching over 45k people across Europe. The company works with startups, investors and corporates who believe in creating an equal future through providing equal opportunities for everyone. Among their many programs, services and events, Female Founders has been running their own investment readiness accelerator – Grow F, for female-led startups. The program has had 6 successful batches, with 59 portfolio companies who have raised a total of 22M+ EUR.

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