Tips for World of WearableArt – deadline soon!

by paradoxig

If you want to participate in the WOW-est show from the world, hurry-up, deadline for the World of WearableArt is soon!
What is this competition?

World of WearableArt is a world-leading competition for original, innovative designers and artists. Add to that a spectacular stage show held in Wellington, New Zealand. And Finalist designers in the Competition are invited in Wellington to celebrate their achievements with an unforgettable experience! How innovative is the world of art innovation? We suggest taking a look because words might not describe properly the huge gathering of creativity, which is simply… WOW!

Still not convinced why to enter? (remember deadline is coming: 26 March)

It is not just another Award.
It is a community of creators, global companies, where artists get to experiment with new techniques and technologies and build on professional portfolios of designer work. The works will be exhibited alongside artists from around the world and will be promoted via channels of the organizers.

Oh, yes, and we forgot :D, the total prize pool is $185,000 (NZD).

The magic recipe for HOW-TO-WIN!

Here are our tips and tricks for all wanna-be-winners. Just joking! But we do have tips for participants! Hear what four New Zealand award-winning designers recently had to say about what it means to be a WOW designer and what advice they would give to a first-time entrant.

And finally,
the six competition sections for 2021!


New Zealand has its own deep sense of place. Draw on that to celebrate who we are as peoples and what makes us proud. From our rich cultures and history to our landscapes, our independence to our inventions. Show us New Zealand and New Zealanders as you see us. Click here to be inspired by previous winners:


A world that is experimental, radical and unorthodox; a rebellion against the norm. Dare to defy the boundaries of fashion and create a work that is cutting-edge, rejecting the ordinary and nurturing originality. Click here to be inspired by previous winners:


A world with no thematic boundaries giving you complete freedom to explore and create your own design. The only limit is your imagination. Click here to be inspired by previous winners:


Architecture and fashion have much in common. They both incorporate form such as plane, structure and texture, and they explore specific materials and how they can drape, pleat, fold and wrap. Be inspired by visionary architects, both past and present, and use the human body as an architectural canvas to develop a work of architecture to be worn as wearable art. Click here to be inspired by previous winners:


Colours play an important role in our lives; they have the ability to affect our emotions and moods in a way that few other things can. Consider the various meanings colours symbolise, for example, purple can be associated with wisdom, mystery and magic; yellow can symbolise happiness, energy and enlightenment. Using your choice of one colour, create a monochromatic work of wearable art. Click here to be inspired by previous winners:

Elizabethan Era

Often referred to as ’the golden age’, the era of Elizabeth I is one of the most fascinating periods in English history; a time of exploration, new ideas and new thinking. There are many different aspects to this chapter in history: poetry, music and literature, magic and superstition, science and technology, astrology, social standing and class struggles. Any of these could be the catalyst for your creation. What influences and inspiration from the Elizabethan epoch will you draw on? Click here to be inspired by previous winners:

ALL other information about how to apply, you can find in details on the website:

Terms and conditions:
Online entry process and FAQ:

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