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Like most Festivals this year, Sundance is going virtual, meaning that from every corner of the world you can watch films at home. What is new this year format? The New Frontier gallery, where you can watch the VR selections.

Anyone can access Sundance’s VR platform by picking up a $25 Explorer Pass (or obviously with the premium festival tickets). Avatars are basic, but you can chat with people. Anyhow, it is worth to try it.

So…till February 3, 2021 you can be in Sun and Dance

The Online portal was open on 28 January 2021 in presence of the Festival Director, Tabitha Jackson, and a warm welcome from Robert Redford. Millions of visitors from around the world raised their hands as a symbolic gesture inlaid on the stones of our human evolution as creators and dreamers

Seven-days for ask and talk with creators
Seven days to celebrate the filmmaking
Seven-days for watching new media projects
Till 3rd february you can choose different productions from a wide range of genres, some with payment ($15 a stream), others without .

The program can be downloaded from the festival website (here ), and we also made our short recommendation (but, worth to see much more films, depending on taste and genre anyone prefer) .
so…Our selection is as follows:

Filmmaker Sam Green and musician JD Samson ask you to step away from your computer and focus on the experience of listening in the present moment. 7 Sounds is an immersive, live-streamed audio-video work that explores the universal influence of sound. The piece weaves seven specific audio recordings into a meditation on the power of sound to bend time, cross borders, and profoundly shape our perception—opening new ways to hear our everyday world.

Step into a garden and encounter oral histories spanning generations of African American women. As you wander this spatialized tract, you will encounter women with stories to tell: surviving a slave boat, growing up on a 1920s Black-owned farm, surviving 9/11, and embodying an AI powered by African American women. Secret Garden reminds us that sharing and receiving stories is an act of resistance.

EPISODE 1 /This immersive, episodic experience uses time travel and magical realism to pilgrimage through the evolution of racial violence in the U.S., making vital connections between the past and present. Episode 1 introduces the time travel portal—the Cracker House—and begins with a police altercation in a quiet suburb of modern-day New Jersey. The police altercation leads to mass incarceration and a slave warehouse, while hurtling toward a glimpse of a radiant post-racial utopia.

The first AR documentary short selected at Sundance New Frontier 2021 is Fortune! written by Brett Gaylor and animation directed by Nicolas Bourniquel
This delightfully humorous and incisive augmented-reality animated series provokes conversations about the value society places on money. From bills to coins, money has no intrinsic value beyond what we’ve collectively agreed to grant it. However, there’s no denying that money governs our material and cultural lives. Just ask Frank Bourassa, the world’s greatest counterfeiter. Fortune! will tickle your funny bone as you engage with this work on your smartphones, tablets, and social media platforms.

This evocative, immersive experience follows the journey of a man from birth to the end of his life, with the entire journey taking place on a grassy knoll next to a seed that grows into a sapling and, eventually, a fully mature tree. Namoo, which means “tree” in Korean, collects meaningful memories in its branches—from pacifiers, stuffed animals, books, and favorite scarves, to broken glasses and objects from times the man would rather forget.

Rodney Ascher (Room 237, 2012 Sundance Film Festival) returns to the Festival with this fascinating and visually stimulating documentary examining simulation theory—the idea that this world we live in might not be entirely real. Simulation theory is as old as Plato’s Republic and as current as Elon Musk’s Twitter feed. A Glitch in the Matrix traces the idea’s genesis over the years, from philosophical engagements by the ancient Greeks to modern explorations by Philip K. Dick, the Wachowskis, and leading scholars, game theorists, and enthusiasts. Ascher deftly parallels conversations with people who believe we’re living in a computer with the purely digital nature of the film itself; all interviews were conducted via Skype, all reenactments were digitally animated, and archives are largely drawn from ’90s-era cyber thrillers and video games.

Acclaimed filmmaker Nanfu Wang navigates the origin and spread of COVID-19 from Wuhan to the United States through a lens both personal and geopolitical in scale. The result is a wrenching, wide-reaching documentary that contextualizes the trauma experienced by health-care workers and the families of loved ones lost. At the same time, the documentary probes President Xi Jinping’s and President Donald Trump’s eerily similar responses to the pandemic: Both men spread disinformation and sowed mass confusion during the most critical moments of the pandemic.
By detailing scores of firsthand Chinese and Americans interviews, Wang methodically builds a devastating indictment of leadership’s response to the pandemic, pointing to an unprecedented level of deception and ineptitude from the highest levels of government. The result is a tragedy born out of a rapid domino effect of cover-ups, mismanagement, and lies. Despite the infuriating revelations this film lays bare, its lasting power rests in the stories of individuals who risked everything for others—and for the truth.(more about movie in interview By Dominic Patten)

In fair Verona, a war as old as time is brewing between rival houses—but it’s being captured in a new way. Montague and Capulet Gen Zers are using their cell phones to document the eruptions of violence plaguing their communities. In the middle of it all, Romeo discovers Juliet’s artwork at a party, and the two inevitably fall in love. As tensions between their families escalate, the two plead for peace and desperately search for a way to escape their star-crossed destiny.
Told entirely through social media and smartphone screens, this bold adaptation of Romeo and Juliet reinvents the world’s most enduring love story with style and lyricism, with black and brown youth at the heart of it all. Blending text messages and Shakespearean dialogue, R#J takes us into the subversive love language of the moment, where GIFs, Spotify playlist exchanges, and Instagram profiles kindle romance and unexpected windows of vulnerability. Sundance shorts alum Carey Williams (Emergency) launches us into the impressive vision of his debut feature, where technology powerfully unveils timelessness.

SEEDS OF DECEIT— Indie Series Program
Prior to his death in 2017, Jan Karbaat was the most renowned fertility doctor in the Netherlands. As his patients’ offspring began connecting the dots of their ancestry, a disturbing story emerged about a man who secretly used his own semen to impregnate more than 65 of his patients.
Sundance is proud to present all three episodes of this unnerving docuseries detailing the journeys of the parents and children who were profoundly affected by one man’s heinous actions.

THESE DAYS – Indie Series Program
When COVID began, we relied on online interactions within social media and streaming platforms to provide some semblance of community. Days turned into weeks and then into months, but nothing got better—especially for singles like Mae, a thirty-something professional dancer navigating the dating scene in an era that forced personal interactions to go online.
We are proud to present the pilot episode of this distinctly relevant series about life, love, and friendship, set within the awkwardness of 2020.
To view the pre-recorded Q and A for this film, please click To watch the pre-recorded Q and A for this film, please click HERE
Available throughout the Festival with purchase of a pass. The day and time listed indicates when the viewing window begins.



Visit the Festival Village in his village 24/24 happened something EXITING

Talks and Events – All are absolutely free with an account and available globally.

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