Crisis Is Not A Show

by paradoxig

TechVangArt(TVA): More design experts characterize you as an “eclectic” designer.
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Yes, this is true because I mixed many styles, materials; but today my style is defined by influences “Country, Andalusian Spanish, and obviously my Latin roots.

TechVangArt(TVA): You do not follow trends.  So, you are unfashionable and untrendy? 
Juan Carlos Gordillo: No, I don’t follow trends, because I consider them to be marketing strategies to hypnotize consumers, and make us believe that today they should bet on “Colors, Styles, etc.” With the idea that we’ll all be “Cool or IN” 
Fashion = Art, Culture, History. 
Style = It is the most important thing in people, this characteristic is personal. 
Trends = It is for herds of consumers.

TechVangArt(TVA): For me is very hard to keep this paradox of contrast when Unfashionable started to be fashionable in the creative world. How to create a new untrendy trend that Conflict and try to disrupt the idea of the novelties on the fashion industry trends?
Juan Carlos Gordillo:  I do not have a concrete answer, because I am not in that “fashion industry”, which develops trends to create mass consumption. In my case, I bet on a “responsible lifestyle”, which invites to consume local products and buy only what is necessary.

TechVangArt(TVA): I think you are one of the few designers whose story can start with “and because he had no money to buy material, he created a new collection for the big catwalk from recycled materials. Tell us your “unfashionable” story
Juan Carlos Gordillo: I’m a designer who didn’t study at any official fashion school.  The only school I’ve ever attended were courses in tailoring and industrial pattern making, which opened the door for me to work in Denim Jeans factories.  My time in the Denim factories made me see the cruel reality of an industry that has worked without consideration and awareness of preserving natural resources; especially the care of WATER. Recycling fabrics, but it was a philosophy that “I have practiced and continue to practice” as a result of discovering the pollution caused by the textile industry.


TechVangArt(TVA): Fashion is an Industry (based on the consumer’s appetite) or an Art or depends on the situation?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: It depends on the circumstances. 
A- Applied in “Fast Fashion” industries, this is based on “Consumption”. 
B- Art? Of course, because it can promote history and culture.  And it obviously provokes discussions and emotions. 
C- Ethics: We designers apply values such as: Honesty and Transparency in all creation processes.

TechVangArt(TVA): What represents for you the process of working on the new collection (its more about new forms, colors, or the opportunity to express yourself, your belief in something)?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: It’s the opportunity to show a story, following my style as a designer, but also new patterns in my new creations.

TechVangArt(TVA):Which is the connection between pollution, poverty, disease, fashion and you?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: The Textile Industry has been working with processes that need very destructive chemicals that cause irreversible damage to the Planet. Placing this industry in the second most polluting, after the oil industry. I also observed and experienced in first person, the labor exploitation, where hundreds of people work in a slave way, where the only goal is to reach the production that the orders created by the FASHION BRANDS demand. 
The positive experience of my time in the garment factories was to awaken in me the ecological conscience and question myself: Why do I have to produce more CLOTHING? When the reality is that, I could reuse textile material, to create new designs. Since then I have always been committed to RECYCLING in my creations and this has allowed me to obtain the recognition of some professionals in the industry, who have supported my work and creativity to create inspiring projects. In cooperation with FASHION companies committed to finding alternatives to pollution. This is the reality I have seen in the textile industry, caused by overproduction, with the idea of offering “Fashion” to everyone but cheap.

TechVangArt(TVA): Creative industries are one of the most affected by the current crisis! The priority for most people is not buying new clothes, so revenues went down. Not only sales are affected, but the whole chain of production. How was your work affected?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Blocked, because my fashion projects were cancelled.

TechVangArt(TVA): A lot of plans were canceled, how did you face the situation? (what important presentations you had to cancel this year?)
Juan Carlos Gordillo: With humility, and convinced that “Absolutely” we are not in control of anything.  But also confident that everything happens for a reason.  What’s that?  I don’t know now but time will surely reveal it to me.

TechVangArt(TVA): What is your opinion about the fashion brands, designers who began to sew masks in this time?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Well, every person sees opportunities, and this has been an opportunity for many creatives. I made some face masks, and also participated in some editorials to show the reality, but honestly, I didn’t continue making and selling more. 
TechVangArt(TVA): Why? 
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Simple, I don’t have material especially focused on making hygienically safe “Face Masks”, so I’m realistic. This isn’t a show, it’s a crisis. And we must take it carefully and seriously.  Maybe for myself, yes. I can continue to create or photo shoot.  But for real life, no.  I don’t want to make more and sell. 

TechVangArt(TVA): Do you think that this Covid period will be reflected in your future collections? (because in visual art, if you look at the latest works, masks, gloves, the elements I faced can be seen as the theme.)
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Yes, definitely. But I can’t currently answer that question. Because I don’t know the answer.

TechVangArt(TVA): Now, when a lot of fashion fairs, fashion shows, production facilities are affected, do you think technology might help? What is your opinion about the digitalization of the fashion industry? 
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Of course, technology is a key tool.

TechVangArt(TVA): What do you think will change in the fashion industry?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: It may be less aggressive to the environment, and the consumer will be more responsible, but it is too early to guarantee anything exact. As a designer, I want to contribute in the change of attitude in the society, so that its consumption is more responsible; in not only the clothes, but also the style of LIFE. To promote a more just and equitable world.

TechVangArt(TVA): What do you think it would be helpful for fashion designers in the future? 
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Not to create overproduction.

TechVangArt(TVA): Did you use in any way technological solutions?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: Do not use, but I think that the presentations could move to the technology, this would save economic costs and many other things.

TechVangArt(TVA): One question, you were secretly hoping that we will ask, and we did not! And also, please answer it! 
Juan Carlos Gordillo: My question: 
Q: Will you continue to perform at fashion events/ fashion weeks? 
A: 2 years ago, I decided.  “No” to participate more in “Pseudo-Fashion Weeks” because they are events that only profit with designers, under the idea of “We support to promote your work” But the reality these events are a “Business” that plays with the “Innocent Illusion” of us.  Caused by the inexperience of us independent designers. 

TechVangArt(TVA): What it’s like to have Blue Blood?
Juan Carlos Gordillo: It is understanding the “Denim” culture to know all the process that exists behind a good pair of Denim Jeans Pants. History and above all learning to value a “Fabric” that is universal and democratic.  Because it combines with everything. And it looks good on anyone.

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