• The Power of Ageless

    by paradoxig

    We discovered for the first time “Black Sugar” creation in 2017 at the MQ Fashion Week in Vienna.I was totally absorbed in such a complex monochromatic architecture and Infinite possibilities of elegance. The style can be described as timeless couture which evokes the impression of an Asian/European clothing interplay: white …

  • On the Stage Of Life

    by paradoxig

    From the Paris Opera to making facemasks. It is a story of a wonderful fashion designer, Vali Cioban, who had to adapt rapidly during the pandemic. TechVangArt discusses with her about this change, new collection, and how fashion will be.  TechVangArt(TVA): We had our last on-line discussion when you were …

  • Crisis Is Not A Show

    by paradoxig

    TechVangArt(TVA): More design experts characterize you as an “eclectic” designer.Juan Carlos Gordillo: Yes, this is true because I mixed many styles, materials; but today my style is defined by influences “Country, Andalusian Spanish, and obviously my Latin roots. TechVangArt(TVA): You do not follow trends.  So, you are unfashionable and untrendy? Juan …