• TechvangArt Experimental-Laboratory

    by paradoxig

    Coming Soon Experiment 1: Embraced by Earth (TextStyle Apothecary) Embraced by Earth. From the short series of TextStyle Apothecary, made by TechvangArt Experimental Laboratory. A relaxation visual and sound experience, with AIart elements. Experiment 2: Oxygen Geometry (TextStyle Apothecary) Oxygen Geometry. From the short series of TextStyle Apothecary, made by…

  • The Formula of Immortality

    by paradoxig

    Dreaming about Immortality has a long history, almost as long as the failed quests to achieve it. And during all these years and years, the solutions for achieving immortality can fall in several categories.The first is to take some kind of “magic pill” – be it the fountain of youth,…

  • BioArt: Between Science and Art #2

    by paradoxig

    This is the continuation of our first article on BioArt, where we discussed the intersections between art and science, and dissected the special links between biology and art, and the birth of the BioArt Manifesto. In this second article, we will review the growing trend of biotech and the developing…