generative AI

  • 10 Programs for Sound, Music and AI-a–ya

    by paradoxig

    What can AI do in terms of sound processing and even to write music? Opinions are split on the matter of how necessary it is to use AI in different segments of artistic forms that represent the expression of the creator through certain artistic forms (dance, music, poetry, etc.). Ultimately …

  • AI/XR Tech Tools for New Trends

    by paradoxig

    As Gartner released its 2022 report about Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech, all metaverse/ immersive/ AI creative enthusiasts can celebrate as their favorite playground got into the report. The Hype Cycle release by Gartner is a analysis about the reception for new and disruptive technologies – from the moment of …

  • Mixlab, a pre-metaverse community in China

    by paradoxig

    2021 was named “Year One of Metaverse” in China. Beeple in auction ignited a warm-up flame in the art circle, and Facebook becoming Meta was the big torch firing up everyone’s appetite.Before that, China has been proactive in integrating the virtual world into the IRL economy, well manifested by the …