Dmitry Aksenov

  • Ars Electronica 2022: The Highlights

    by paradoxig

    From September 7 to 11, 2022, Linz will once again host a “Festival for Art, Technology and Society” where participants from science, business, the creative and art scenes come for exhibitions, showcases, debates, concerts. If you never been to Art Electronica, here is a little bit of the vibe. And…

  • Roots Studio: Reclaiming Power for Artists

    by paradoxig

    All creators know how important inspiration is, and from time to time, they become explorers of the world.Unfortunately, sometimes Exploration becomes Exploitation. This happens when industries ‘forget’ about the original work. Out of this receipt of badly understood inspiration, some come out with profits, glam, and fame, others with…nothing.And here…

  • 6 CultTech Startups Compete for €50,000+

    by paradoxig

    Out of 165 teams, 6 CultTech startups remained in the competition at IF Awards. The teams will make their final pitches on 4 September at MuseumsQuartier Vienna when the winner will be announced! So, who are the teams that are still in the race for €50.000? IF Innovation Award Finalists…