• COSMOGONY 2021-2023: Touring without traveling

    by paradoxig

    From caravans to rulotes, from carnival markets to royal palaces or to the huge stages in metropolis and festival tours embracing the cosmopolitan lifestyle‚Ķ. till virtual productions artistic works.Artists always traveled – even before the Renaissance, artists toured to show their shows or to get inspired; musicians, performers, circus and…

  • Techish – Futuristic Films / Sundance 2022

    by paradoxig

    Technology. Artificial Intelligence. Science. Futurism. Cosmos.Here are the best movies and XR experiences we saw at Sundance Festival 2022 on these topics. New visions about the possible future surfaced such as living together with AIs as our company and friends, DIY-robot, that turns out to be an AI-as-a-SpoiledKid with classy…

  • Cosmogony. Explore New Territories

    by paradoxig

    Cosmogony is a fabulous live digital performance that is captured in Geneva, projected -through the use of mocap suit s- to Sundance 2022, Spaceship and from there made available all over the world.Put together by the masterminds of virtual/digital contemporary dance company Cie Gilles Jobin, that already made performances such…