MVFW23: Neo Designers

by paradoxig

With the theme, ‘Future Heritage’, MVFW23 will have a large focus on the next generation of fashion designers—Neo Designers. Get a preview of a few of the designers who will display their works during the big event.

The theme of this year’s Metaverse Fashion Week is ‘Future Heritage’ with the intention to connect emerging digital designers, or Neo Designers, with established luxury fashion institutions. The event’s activities aim to illuminate the connection between innovation and tradition and expose how the future of contemporary fashion lies in the digital realm.


That is why, in Decentraland, Metaverse Fashion Week is open to everyone, not only traditional fashion brands, but Decentraland creators and the Neo Designers of the world. During MVFW23 you will get to see a wide variety of unique and innovative Wearables from these creators in fashion shows, shops, galleries, and even through immersive experiences. Neo Plaza, a new location in Decentraland, was constructed for the occasion of MVFW to serve as the event’s Neo Designer epicenter. Make sure to pay it a visit during the 4 day event and witness the best the next generation of fashion designers has to offer!

To whet your appetite before the big event begins next week and before we release the Ultimate Guide to MVFW23 later this week, in addition to a Schedule Preview, here is just a small sneak peek of some of the amazing digital designers that will have their works on display during Decentraland’s Metaverse Fashion Week:

Blade Runway is the first Digital Fashion house in Italy. Unbound by the rules of a physical world, Blade Runway’s creative vision is projected towards exploring the limitless possibilities offered by digital fashion. Founded by Greta Meacci and Alan Aronica, this next generation fashion house seeks to build a sustainable future that transcends space and time to reinvent how we interact with one another.

Wearable details: Blade Runway’s new collection “EXOSKINS” represents the state of the art in Digital Fashion. Realized in partnership with DRESSX and Ready Player Me, this collection taps into the future of self-expression and identity representation with two outfits that feature interoperability with more than 2500 virtual realities. Narrowing the gap between the Digital and Physical realities, this collection also features Augmented Reality functionalities. Link to collection

INJURY is a traditional-turned-digital brand founded by Eugene Leung, a multi-disciplinary artist, curator, creative director, fashion visionary, and musician based in Australia. The brand showed physical collections at various fashion weeks across the globe, including the official on-schedule shows in Paris, New York, Australian, Beijing, and Shanghai. The brand’s work has been featured in top international media, such as Nowness, WWD, Sense, Elle, Marie Claire, GQ, and Rolling Stone Magazine. By switching to digital production, INJURY stimulates its own creative development and brings a new perspective on what a fashion show could be in the metaverse.

Wearable details: As seen in ‘Rare Reality’ – the 2022/ 23 Collection Film by INJURY comes with 1/1 Editions. This garment comes with extra utilities: 1. Photo dressing: wear your NFT in your photos. 2. Download the original artwork: build your NFT collection of the most unique digital fashion artworks with DRESSX. Link to collection

MUTANI x Shayli Harrison

Shayli Harrison is both a designer and the founder of the digital fashion network MUTANI. Characterized by her own radical aesthetic, her silhouettes create vibrant fantasies that bridge avant-garde fashion and game environments.

Wearable details: Made in collaboration between digital fashion network MUTANI and designer Shayli Harrison. The Bow Peepin’ dress was re-created from the archives of her “Crimes Against Nature” master collection. Inspired by the “Ecosex Manifesto” by Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens. This exclusive piece references the romance of treating mother nature as your lover – swallowed up in belle-epoque bows and watercolor washed fabrics. You are a valentine gift to Gaia.


3DMetaDress, a collaboration between HEISEL x META FASHION HOUSE
3DMetaDress is a sustainable Digital Couture House and is a collaboration between designer Sylvia Heisel of HEISEL, whose specialty is 3D printed sustainable fashion, and Astrid Pilla of META FASHION HOUSE, a metaverse strategy and launch pad for fashion and beauty brands. Sylvia Heisel is a fashion designer based in NYC and a pioneer in using 3D printing for fashion. She was named one of the “Top 100 Women in Fashion Tech”, “25 Forward Thinkers Defining the Future of Fashion”, “Top 100 Women in Wearable and Consumer Tech” and “12 Amazing People You Need To Know In New York Fashion Tech”. Astrid Pilla has been an entrepreneur for over 15 years and has mentored start-ups in the tech field such as TheFangage, Inc, a live stream digital autographing company. Astrid has been in the fashion world all her life on the financial and tech side. For the past 2 years she has been advising fashion and beauty brands on Web3 & metaverse strategy, producing events with phygital, NFC, and AR. Astrid has been training teams in Web3 and is passionate about educating the next generation of artists, designers, and entrepreneurs in order to empower through ownership & collaboration with the power of Web3.

Wearable details: The “Power of Affirmation 01” 3DMetaDress DCL Wearable is the Digital portion of the Phygital 3D printed Couture gown that will debut during NFT.NYC 2023. Centered around honoring 300 women in Web3, the dress will be made up of 300 hand-drawn 3D-printed names and hand-constructed into a couture gown to be shown at a special unveiling in NYC in April. 3DMetaDress will offer NFTs with ownership of 3D print files, in order to create jewelry and will include digital Wearables and AR. Portions of all projects will go towards STEM education for women and girls.


Blanc de Blanc by Julia Blanc

Blanc de Blanc was founded by Julia Blanc in 2021. All collections are in digital-only format with exclusive designs, stories, and concepts inspired by space, nature, aliens, and imaginary worlds. Julia creates digital fashion & NFTs as artistic works with the primary aim to connect fashion & art, explore the industry, and contribute to the future of fashion.

Wearable details: Mission ’22 by Blanc de Blanc collection is an ode to earthly – space connections and the power of digital fashion. The Cosmic Lagoon Dress was designed for the Mirror carpet event that you may attend on the ship Miss ’22 that departs from the planet Earth every year… Welcome to Blanc de Blanc!


Eyes of Fashion Group

Eyes of Fashion is a collection of 8,888 unique fashion illustrations by artist Talia Zoref that was inspired by the contrast between the colorful and fun fashion world and the judging eye in the industry. Our mission is to bridge Web2 to Web3 and bring more inclusion into the world of fashion, elevate and empower strong women artists, and empower women through education.

Collection linkWebsite

Xiaoling Jin
Xiaoling Jin is a fashion and 3D designer based in London. Her practice focuses on the intersection of fashion, design, and technology. Xiaoling is the co-founder of the digital fashion platform Official e-ternity.

Wearable details: The eternity of wildlife: Features different animals and calls on consumers to take action to protect animals and the environment by reducing water and energy consumption, waste, pollution, and its disastrous effects on ecosystems and animals.


Formless Initial

Formless Initial is a digital creative studio. Founded by Panny Yu and Linxi Zhu, Formless Initial explores the relationship between the body, objects and the virtual world. It challenges how purely digital items could be ‘worn’ through AI-enabled applications and transmissions. Formless Initial is for a more attainable and sustainable future fashion.

Wearable details: Inspired by the velvet flowers in ancient Chinese palaces, we formed them into virtualized shapes with interaction. The velvet flower is also a hairpin flower. It is an ornament that ancient ladies liked to wear as hair accessories. It interprets that the flower will never die and that the people who wear it will have prosperity. We pass on this goodwill virtually by creating this piece of face jewelry. Flare is light, which is consistent with the color and shape of the velvet flower itself, extending and expanding the connotation of the work. Flare also reflects the richness and splendidness of our life and nature.



Effekt is a digital fashion co-creation platform using Web3 tech to enable fashion brands and their communities to design collaboratively. Their in-house label is fully co-created and provides a dynamic space for innovation & experimentation.

Wearable details: A green quilted top with a scoop hem, paired with baggy purple trousers. The top features a long sleeve iridescent fabric underlay with an asymmetric hem for added style.



RuRingoM works as a freelance 2D illustrator for characters in web games and also designs and creates costumes for digital fashion platforms such as Zepeto and VRoid. RuRingoM was also one of the material creators for the World of Women x The Fabricant drop in 2022.

Wearable details: Manga Dress will be displayed during MVFW. The simple monochrome one-piece dress is inspired by and was created in honor of the hand-crafted artistry of traditional manga as it is likely that black and white manga will become a legacy in the future. From a distance, the dress’ monotone contrast is eye-catching, but up close, the design almost looks like a page from a manga book.



Siki is a multi-award winning 3D Fashion artist and designer from Japan. Siki believes that ‘fashion is magic’. You can find her experimenting with digital fashion programs such as CLO, where she tests and explores the limits of the rendering system on these programs.

Wearable details: Uncommon Sense: The concept for this piece was “out of the norm.” Our perception of common sense will take a completely different form in the near future. Even today, we enjoy wearing corsets over dresses, instead of belts, as a fashion item. In the future, everyone will wear the same underwear to take care of themselves, and lingerie will be viewed as culture. When I thought about the theme of MVFW2023, “Future Heritage,” I instantly thought, ‘I hope people will enjoy out-of-the-norm fashion, just like what I have designed.’



TIALS.World is the sustainable fashion hub in Web3 with a mission to make sustainable fashion the new standard where members have access to earn rewards for sustainable practices, co-create and learn.

Wearable details: The Balinese Bliss collection features three unique pieces as part of the TIALS.World x BFF Collaboration to showcase sustainability during MVFW. Each piece is inspired by a different location on the island, made from the fabric archives at their ethical studio (TIALS Studio) and selected deadstock fabric from previous THIS IS A LOVE SONG collection to upcycle them into a sustainable phygital pieces that will be released as a limited collection. The Uluwatu Patch Longsleeves is inspired by the laid-back atmosphere of the iconic Uluwatu temple. This iconic piece will be available for purchase and only 5 pieces can be made that will unlock the physical item. With its patchwork design, featuring a mix of bold stripes and patterns, the top captures the essence of Bali’s effortless and casual cool. The Canggu Leather Boots capture the spirit of Bali’s vibrant surf town, with TIALS World details and vegan leather that pay homage to Canggu’s streetwise vibe. And the Ubud Midi Skirt, made from upcycled cotton fabric, embodies the beauty and serenity of Ubud’s lush rice fields and tranquil temples. But the Balinese Bliss collection is about more than just fashion. Each piece in the collection is crafted with upcycled materials and manufactured ethically, ensuring that our fashion choices do not harm the environment. The collection celebrates Bali’s rich cultural heritage and commitment to sustainability, and is perfect for anyone who wants to experience the island’s beauty in style. “Our collection isn’t just about fashion, it’s about making a statement.” “We aimed to infuse the island’s unique vibe with a streetwear twist, while also ensuring that the collection had a positive impact on the environment.” said the team behind Balinese Bliss. The Balinese Bliss digital collection will be available at the MVFW.



ARTISANT is a new-era fashion world with gamification mechanics that creates in Web3, and is driven by innovation, creativity, and sustainability. In the past year, ARTISANT pushed the boundaries of traditional fashion striking deals with Puma, L’Oreal Professional, Maybelline, Decentraland, Spatial, Sandbox, and RPM to name a few.

Wearable details: This collection was created in partnership with PIXELORD – musician, crypto artist, author of the GM PUNKS collection, GM TOADZ, GM!, and Meta Ravers.


Bradley Sharpe

Bradley Sharpe founded his eponymous label off the back of graduating Central Saint Martins in 2020. The brand’s sculptural silhouettes take inspiration from historical archival pieces which are transformed using unconventional fabrics to launch the brand into its own dystopian, Demi couture stage.

Wearable details: Collection name: AW23 – Something in the air, Name of the Item: The Mourning Gown. A Victoriana Tech-inspired gown coat with tiered gathered sleeves and hood. The piece features a train with a circular hem reminiscent of the brand’s earlier demi-couture bodies of work.


Suki Violet Su

NYC-based Visual Artist Suki Violet Su is an eastern surrealist who grew up in China’s largest immigrant city. Nomadic with the world, Su has been exploring the human sense of belonging, commonalities, and the tension between Eastern and Western visual narratives.

Suki is committed to presenting different media and multi-dimensional visual connections, exploring domain boundaries, and embedding personal visual language. She has worked over 20 brands, including MTV, Ford Mustang, MAC, Instyle, Tencent, Cashapp, 88rising, Doja Cat, Willow Smith, etc. Her works comprise Eastern and Western cultures, religious beliefs, and female power and incorporate 3D digital art, graphic design, photography, and conceptual films.


Reed + Rader

Reed + Rader is a creative team made up of Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader. They direct films, gifs, and virtual reality experiences set in virtual environments. Their work is fun, colorful, wild, and lets viewers escape to magical worlds where cats are rideable and dinosaurs dance. They notably helped to establish the GIF as a photographic medium commercially and editorially in the 2000s.


All photos are copyrighted with Courtesy of Decentraland by MVFW23 and may be used by the press only for the purpose of news or editorial coverage

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