The Ultimate Guide to MVFW23 in Decentraland

by paradoxig

March 28-31 brings four fabulous days of fashion shows, parties, shopping, panel talks, and amazing experiences to Decentraland—plan your MVFW itinerary with the Ultimate Guide.

What to Expect from MVFW23
This year, the heart of MVFW in Decentraland is the newly constructed Neo Plaza, designed to showcase Neo Designers, the next generation of fashion designers, in line with the theme of this year’s MVFW—‘Future Heritage’. In addition to Neo Plaza, events and places of interest can also be found in the Luxury District, the new Organic Origins, Dragon City, and other areas throughout Genesis City. But this year, that’s not all! MVFW23 will be taking place across Web3 with equally exciting events held in the OVR and Spatial metaverses. You can discover more about their MVFW activities on Decentraland’s Event Page and at the open metaverse navigation engine Lighthouse.

Along with fashion shows and exhibits of glamorous clothes, at MVFW there’s more than just art you can wear. The designers & creators of Decentraland have been hard at work preparing amazingly immersive experiences and beautiful structures that are a sight to behold. The combination of your chic outfits with those spectacular backdrops will make for some very sharable snapshots! And the experiences and mini-games to be discovered are enticing enough to make you forget all about that next fashion show…let’s just say that if you see a giant Coach Tabby bag floating in the air, you’re going to want to clear

Getting Around

If you’re totally new to Decentraland, jump to our FAQ section to learn how to get started.

For the best in-world experience with better graphics & a faster, more stable connection, use the Decentraland Desktop app instead of accessing via browser. Download Decentraland for Desktop on PC or Mac. During MVFW, the default starting location in Decentraland will be the center of Neo Plaza, the Welcome Area. You should see a large map of Neo Plaza, to the right of which will be a big white button that can instantly transport you to the Main Runway in the Luxury District.

The easiest way to jump around to different locations will be to open the MVFW in-world interface, via the top of the 3 pink boxes in the top left corner of your screen. Once you open the interface, you’ll be able to scroll through upcoming events by clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the interface. Most importantly, you’ll be able to access maps of Neo Plaza and the Luxury District with which you can easily teleport to different MVFW locations with just a click.
To stay on top of Events and Places of Interest, we recommend this guide & the DCL MVFW Event Page.

Fashion Show Schedule

Four days of thrills, celebrations, and fashion! Performances and fashion shows from various designers. Exclusive Wearables from a number of designers will be given away as well.


GAIAN Official Opening Party

March 28 | 12:00am-11:59pm UTC | (-90,-4)

Join GAIAN for an unforgettable party powered by Limewire, as we celebrate the opening night of MVFW23. GAIAN, the Wearables startup behind the world’s first energy-generating sneaker, will be hosting the event.

Experience sets from some of the hottest web3 and music heavyweights, including Spottie Wifi, Allan Kingdom, Lil Bitcoin, Escape Plan, Billyracxx, and Georgia Sinclair. Limewire will screen a brand-new music video from Soulja Boy. Spottie Wifi will perform his upcoming album. BAYC DJ duo Escape Plan will spin their new record with Dillon Francis. Billyracxx will bring on a genre-bending performance, fresh off his Rolling Loud set.

LowPolyModels Party

March 28 | 9pm UTC | (72, -24)

Join in for an exciting celebration of 4 years of design in the metaverse, hosted by Low Poly Models! Experience music from independent Spanish DJs, see the launch of their exclusive TechWear Wearable collection, and explore their updated DCL headquarters. But that’s not all – expect fun surprises! Don’t be shy and come be a part of this unique event that combines fashion, music, and technology.

MANGO Opening Party

March 28 | 6pm UTC | (-120, 5)

Join Mango for their opening party and discover Capsule, their new Spring/Summer ‘23 events collection for women. The series of limited-edition pieces has been designed focusing on the formal events season typical of spring and stands out for the quality of its materials and finishes, as well as for the exclusivity of its garments. Come to the party and get a free T-shirt commemorating their second year at MVFW!

Buxom Plumpverse Afterparty

March 28 | 6pm UTC | (149,91)

You’ve heard the hype. This year’s hottest Metaverse Fashion Week after party is in the PlumpVerse — all the babes will be there. Go from catwalk to plump talk at the party pool, where you’ll spin beach balls to learn what’s in BUXOM’s iconic plumpers and collect the party favor everyone’s talking about: a VIP POAP and a chance to earn a code for a three-piece High Spirits™ bundle for a serious steal!

Slip into your sexiest fashionista look, hit the Plump Shot™ Bar and show off your moves on the dance floor, but remember: a maxed-out pout is always in style. Stop by, party on and plump it up after Fashion Week, babe.

Decentral Games x DCLBabydolls Opening Night Gala

March 28 | 10pm UTC | (-78,78)

Join for an unforgettable night of music & entertainment—and a chance to win legendary MVFW Wearables. DG and DCL Babydolls will also hook you up with a free MVFW Wearable for the event. Come see the newly decorated Chateau Satoshi Ballroom, hang out with the community, claim a POAP, and listen to music by DJ Henny at a modern deco and synthwave themed gala.

Vroomway Daily Parties

Daily | Times Below | (-75,2)

4 days of fashion week afterparties at Neo Fashion Plaza! Different music every night, free Wearables, and a good time guaranteed.

March 28 | 8pm UTC | TEAM TRAX
March 29 | 10pm UTC | STONEY
March 30 | 7pm UTC | DJ ABILLITEA
March 31 | 10pm UTC | TEAM TRAX


March 29 | 9pm UTC | (-91,-13)

Join the DIESEL and HAPE communities in celebrating Metaverse Fashion Week at D-CAVE’s space in Decentraland. This interactive virtual party will feature multiple Wearable NFT airdrops for all guests adding a unique twist to the already innovative fashion and technology gathering. Get ready to immerse yourself in a vibrant and dynamic atmosphere, as DIESEL brings the fashion world to the forefront of the digital realm. Don’t miss out and be part of this cutting-edge virtual event.

Gavin Magnus x Faith Tribe Afterparty

March 29 | 9pm UTC | (-101,-19)

Faith Tribe and Faith Connexion return to MVFW once again, bringing huge talents to the stage. This year, Gavin Magnus will take over the Runway, transforming it into a music stage with exclusive skins of the singer. Come decked out in your most stylish Wearables and have fun into the night!

TRU Band Room

March 29 | 10pm UTC | (27, -118)

Come celebrate MVFW with the DCL community! Mr. Swe will bring his SWEdnesday vibes to keep everyone dancing at TRU. TRU Band Room is the premier music venue in Decentraland for new and emerging musicians. Since October 2021, the Band Room has hosted more than 350 shows, across multiple genres, including rock, hip hop, jazz, electronic, R&B, pop, and dance.

Knights of Antrom

March 29 | 12am | (144, -7)

Dance the night away to the electrifying beats of DJ CJ TRAX, who will be spinning the hottest tracks from his latest collection and some classic favorites on an awe-inspiring 3D digital stage. Immerse yourself in the enchanting atmosphere of the Knights of Antrom game in Decentraland, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Dress code: Virtual Couture Chic

BVERSE Party with DRESSX & Diverge

March 29 | 1am UTC | (-30,-108)

BVERSE invites you to their MVFW’23 party, featuring partners DRESSX and Diverge, and resident DJ, the talented MetaDJ Official.

The Fabricant X SuperMIND – MVFW Closing Party

March 31 | 5pm UTC | (-140,8)

Join The Fabricant and SuperMIND at Meta Tokyo to have some fun with amazing music!

Roland Lifestyle x Random Ravers Closing Afterparty

March 31 | 7pm UTC | (87,9)

Join Roland Lifestyle, Wearable creators, at the Raverse to celebrate the end of MVFW. Meet fellow fashion enthusiasts and enjoy The UNTZ King DJ set.

DKNY.3 MVFW23 Closing Party

March 31 | 9:30pm UTC | (-105,-17)

Come celebrate the official end of Metaverse Fashion Week with DKNY.3 featuring music from DJ Sarah Main, hosted by Official MVFW Supermodel Tangpoko and the DCLBabydolls!

Panel Talks and Tutorials

March 28

9am UTC | Vogue Singapore: Love in the Metaverse: A New Age of Connectivity
12:30pm UTC | Dragon City: Fashion Opera: Aesthetics In The Metaverse
To be followed by the Opera itself✨

1pm UTC | Threedium: Luxury on the Blockchain: Authenticating Goods in the Metaverse
4pm UTC | Digital Fashion Week: Interview with Ready Player Me

March 29

1pm UTC | Threedium: Fashion, Technology and the Metaverse: Exploring Web3 Opportunities
3pm UTC | The Fabricant: Becoming a Digital Designer
5pm UTC | Sea Foam Gardens: Wearable Tutorial
6pm UTC | NUNC: The New Look: Fashion & AI Revolution

March 30

5am UTC | & PunksClub: Open Debates about the Intersection of fashion, NFTs, and Web3 Technology
9am UTC | Vogue Singapore: A New World: Fashion in the Metaverse
11am UTC | Threedium: Building Community in the Metaverse
1pm UTC | Threedium: The Technology Leading the Metaverse Innovation at MVFW

2pm UTC | Boson Metaverse Commerce Toolkit Product Unveiling
2:30pm UTC | Commerce in the Metaverse
3:15pm UTC | The Future of Digi-physical Fashion
5pm UTC | Sea Foam Gardens: Wearable Tutorial
6pm UTC | The New Look: AI Masterclass with Andrea Baioni

Other Events:

The First Fashion Opera In The Metaverse

March 28| 12:30am UTC | (97,-85)

Alastair White’s new fashion opera, #CAPITAL, will be one of the most innovative events to open MVFW23. The event will begin with an approximately 40 minute panel discussion on the concept of Fashion Operas after which the opera itself will be shown. The work will be performed within the “House of Synergos,” designed by Sybarite architects. Taking place in Dragon City, the piece features the digital fashion of Winter Olympics brand CHENPENG. It is performed by Kelly Poukens and danced by Zara Sands with sound production by Pieter Franssen. The opera is supported by TONG, who are running a series of events within the venue including a showcase of Victor Wong’s digital fashion and panel discussion with CHENPENG.

CAPITAL is a tale of dematerialization and symbolism: from the first time someone exchanged a token for an object, or a symbol—a word—for a being in the world—all the way through gold bars and bank notes, or the virtual reality of art—to Web3, avatars and Dragon City itself. It is the story of becoming something else—where everything is always possible. Fashion-opera is a new discipline proposed by Alastair White and Gemma A. Williams. It has been described as “a whole exciting new genre of art” (BBC RADIO 3) “groundbreaking” (Classical Music Magazine), “perfect” (Vogue Italia) and “genuinely original” (TEMPO). The methodology behind these, concerns a reimagining of the relationship between garment and music.

Alo Yoga Sessions

Daily | 1pm-1:15pm UTC | (-101,-19)

Alo will be hosting Morning Mindfulness Sessions every day of Metaverse Fashion Week 23 in the Main Runway area of the Luxury District! Begin each day of fast-paced fashion with a moment of clarity through a variety of different energizing morning sessions. All attendees can follow along using 3 free yoga Emotes Alo is gifting – the Triangle, Warrior, and Lotus poses.

March 28 | Mediation

March 29 | Yoga

March 30 | Breathwork

March 31 | Reiki

Tours of Neo Plaza

Daily | 9am, 10am, 11am, 12pm, 1pm UTC | (-83,1)

Join AwedJob for a guided tour of the brand new Neo Plaza! See all the coolest locations & the latest fashion, learn about the creators, and play games along the way. Tours begin every hour between 9am and 2pm UTC at -83,1 in Hera Realm.

Grand Opening of Buenos Aires’ Colón Theatre

March 28 | 8am UTC | (24,81)

The world-renowned Colón Theatre will present its virtual version during MVFW in Decentraland’s Museum District in collaboration with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires! The virtual version of the Colón Theatre shows some of the most recognized spaces of the theater, such as the main stage, the golden room and other iconic points.

Hanna Paradoxigen, [25/03/2023 22:58]
With the first broadcast of a show from the Colón Theatre in the metaverse, an official opening gala will take place on March 28, which will include the launch of official Wearables, one of which is a replica of the Princess of Turandot dress from the opera Turandot, set in China.

The Traveler Parka

March 30 | 12am-12pm UTC | (-61,45)

Espacio Creador is the door of Latin American artists to the Metaverse. They present a co-creation for #MVFW2023: Discover Sakoasko’s character “The Traveler” through its iconic Parka that opens up his identity and the challenges he faces. Kaftan’s fashion vision and experience makes the piece come to life. We reach ´crisis´ as a human state and we dive into the phases and emotions in it.

For more information visit Decentraland website.

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