NewImages Residencies-Open Call

by paradoxig

NewImages Festival pleased to anounce 2 extraordinary call for recidencies.

Quito – UDLA – Immersive Residency
XR Farnese – Medici Residency

The Immersive Residency – Quito – UDLA a new program in Ecuador dedicated to immersive creation!
In association with the Alliance Française de Quito, the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) and NewImages Hub.

→ March 10th (midnight, GMT)

Eligibility Criteria:

✔ artist, creator or project holder
✔ narrative and immersive project (XR, video games, hybrid shows or any innovative device)
✔ French production or co-production
✔ aged 18 years old and over
✔ French or living in France
✔ English and/or Spanish speaking


✔ 4 weeks of residency at the Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), accommodation and flights included
✔ an endowment of €2,000
✔ connection to the local XR ecosystem
✔ exclusive exhibition of the project at the 2023 NewImages Festival and access pass for the Industry Days
Please read terms and condition

Terms and conditions

XR Farnese – Medici Residency
for the second year in a row: a program in Italy dedicated to immersive creation.

In partnership with the Embassy of France in Italy, the Institut Français Italia, the French Academy in Rome (Villa Medici), Rai Cinema and NewImages Hub.

→ Wednesday, March 1st,(midnight, GMT)
Selection criteria:

Open to anyone with an XR project in development
✔ be at least 18 years old
✔ French nationality or residing in France
✔ English and/or Italian speaking
✔ Confirmed XR professional with first experiences


→ 4 weeks of residency from September 18 to October 15, 2023
✔ at the Academy of France in Rome – Villa Medici, accommodation included
✔ with an endowment of €6,000
✔ meeting the local ecosystem
✔ acquisition of a 360 version of the project by Rai Cinema

Rules and conditions of registration

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