Cannes XR Competition-2023

by paradoxig

The Cannes XR Competition will feature a curation of 12 immersive artworks from acclaimed international artists. Harnessing technologies such as extended reality, holography or video mapping, immersive arts are not only a new cinematic genre but a new form of art that borrows from game, theatre, contemporary art to immerse viewers at the centre of a new experience. The Cannes XR Competition intends to cast light on this new form of art by offering artists a chance to showcase their immersive artworks in Cannes.

The Cannes XR selection will be presented to a prestigious jury which will award the Best Immersive Artwork amongst the submitted works. The winner will be celebrated during the Closing Ceremony on 21 May.

This call for projects aims to select the most creative and captivating finished immersive works of the year, whether or not they have already been presented publicly, in order to promote the best of immersive art to the general public and to help the recognition of artists in the sector at the international level.

Selected works will be offered to participate in:
The Cannes XR exhibition, held from May 16 to May 24, in Cannes, within or in the surroundings of the Palais des Festivals. This exhibition will be accessible to all accredited participants of the Cannes Film Festival and the Marché du Film (40,000 people)
The Cannes XR competition whose objective is to reward the best immersive work of the year through the Cannes XR award. This award will be delivered by a prestigious jury during an award ceremony which will take place on Sunday May 21, 2023 at Cannes.
The Cannes XR world tour (10 countries, from May 2023 to December 2023), allowing selected artworks to meet the general public and generate additional incomes for rights holders.

Eligible works
Registrations for the Competition are open to any immersive work:
using any XR technologies (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) or any other immersive set up such as binaural 3D audio, video mapping, or 360° Video, among other things ;
exploring new kinds of storytelling and narration ;
completed in 2022 or 2023 (work-in-progress are eligible too, provided they are completed by 15 March 2023 – hard deadline).

Not eligible
Ads, communication and institutional projects are excluded.

Please check the terms and conditions and gather required elements and information before starting your submission:
Competition Regulations (in English / in French)
Technical specifications

Immersive artworks in Competition will furthermore benefit from:
two free accreditations
support for their accommodation and transport in Cannes
an exhibition space inside the Palais des Festivals
a dedicated budget for scenography
support from a publicist in Cannes
participation to the “Cannes XR World Tour” and a distribution fee for each visited country.

Preliminary Information:
Submissions must be made in English and online
Please remember that the online form is the only accepted way to submit your project.
Forms are auto-saved (you can quit and resume your form anytime using the same device and browser, excluding private windows).
Application fee is: €30 (excluding taxes) / €36 (including taxes) per project. Please note that application fees are subject to VAT applicable in the country where the event is being held.

Any question or request?/ Please contact Adriana Rabe :

DEADLINE no later than Tuesday, 14 February 2023, at 11:59 p.m. (GMT). No other applications will be accepted, nor will incomplete entries be considered.
Submit Form (pdf) and official announce

More info about the winner of Cannes XR 2022 competition here

Cannes XR is the Marché du Film’s industry program dedicated to immersive technologies and cinematographic
content. Regarded as the unmissable annual rendez-vous for the XR community, Cannes XR offers a multitude
of networking, financing and distribution opportunities. Cannes XR is also a networking platform with which
Hollywood directors, studio executives, XR artists, independent producers, leading tech companies, location based and online distributors all gather to discuss the role of XR technologies, inspire the art of storytelling and
fuel the future of film.
The Marché du Film, the business wing of the Festival de Cannes, is the key stepping stone in the creation,
production and distribution of films around the world. The Marché du Film draws its strength from the diversity
it brings together: 12,500 industry professionals including 3,840 producers, 3,300 buyers and distributors and
1,187 festival programmers from 121 countries, all gathered in one unique setting to obtain financing, seize
opportunities and take the pulse of international film creation and innovation.

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