Open Call: IF Innovation Award: €50,000+

by paradoxig

A new Opportunity to win not only €50,000, but also to have access to a network of cultural and tech partners, institutions  that can help to make your dream come true! 

What is the relation between tech and culture?
Why will a new model of business appear in culture? Or what is the Future of Culture?
These are only few hot-topic that we have discussed with Dmitry Aksenov patron of artists, chairman of the board of the international art fair, viennacontemporary; he has established the Aksenov Family Foundation and Immaterial Future association, and is chairman of the board of directors of RDI Group.
So, stay tuned on TechvangArt to find out all these in the upcoming days! Update: Click HERE to READ!

But, first things first: how to win the IF Innovation Award? 🙂

Immaterial Future Association( IF) invites CultTech (Culture + Technology) startups and projects from anywhere in the world to apply for IF Innovation Award.

Through this Open call, IF is looking to discover and support innovative solutions that contribute to unleash the full power of culture.

The winner will receive €50,000 non-equity funding to be awarded during the ceremony at viennacontemporary art fair in September, 2021 in Vienna, Austria.

viennacontemporary at Marx Halle Vienna-© Niko Havranek

The Award was established by the Immaterial Future association that aims to explore and develop a new approach to humanity’s growth. This approach is to shift growth into the plane of immateriality, with culture as the main vector of change

The open call welcomes projects that leverage technology to develop:

  • new business models that enable self-sustainable cultural production and distribution;
  • distribution models that allow wide access to cultural experiences without losing authenticity.

Applying projects can be run by a startup company, academic entity, for-profit or non-profit organization. 

The application deadline is Tuesday, June 1, 2021, at 11:59pm CET.

The jury led by a chairman Oliver Holle – founder and managing director of Speedinvest will select six finalists and invite them for the projects showcase in Vienna, September 5-7, 2021, at Immaterial Future Forum.

Immaterial Future Association intends to support projects that see an untapped potential in culture to facilitate this shift.

Dmitry Aksenov, Chairman of the Board of Immaterial Future: “We believe that culture has an intrinsic capability to support itself and to boost other spheres of human activity such as business, politics, science and technology”.

Pierre-François Marteau, Board Secretary of Immaterial Future: “Culture has the potential to reach far more people than it does today, and to change their lives for the better. Technology can play a major role in unlocking this potential”.

The IF Innovation Award ceremony will take place in Vienna, September 7, 2021, during the Immaterial Future Forum. The Forum itself is a parallel event to viennacontemporary Art fair.




For more information on eligibility criteria and application guidelines, visit:

And don’t forget, stay tuned with us to find out more about the Innovation Award and the Future of Culture, directly from Dmitry Aksenov! Update: Click HERE to READ!

Immaterial Future (IF), a Vienna-based non-profit association, is established in 2021 to shift our world’s growth model towards intangible production and consumption, with culture as the main vector of change. It aims to leverage culture’s huge untapped potential to positively impact every single human, breaking away from its elitist confines and becoming more accessible to all.

For more details, please visit

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