XR Games Challenges

Building ecosystems and communities around your XR apps, games or experiences is not easy. But, it is not impossible either!During the NewImages Festival, a panel discussion ”XR and GAMES: How to build Online Communities?” addressed exactly some of the issues around XR Gaming. The panel was hosted by Darragh Dandurand, Creative Director, Exhibition Curator & … Continue reading XR Games Challenges

XR EthicAll Dilemmas

XR with its fantastic new experiences, worlds, interactions and avatars is becoming more and more mainstream. And is and will be used not only in arts and entertainment, but also games, education, therapy, training!So, it is the best of times for XR! Just let’s make sure that in a few years we won’t say it … Continue reading XR EthicAll Dilemmas

Unreal Engine 5 is Here

Unreal Engine 5 is the next major evolution of Unreal Engine, redesigned and enhanced for the next generation of games, real-time visualizations, and immersive interactive experiences. It will empower game developers and creators across all industries to realize next-generation real-time 3D content and experiences with greater freedom, fidelity, and flexibility than ever before. The ultimate goal … Continue reading Unreal Engine 5 is Here

D. Aksenov: “In Culture, New Business Models, Inevitable!”

Arts and entertainment industries faced many changes in the last year, the crisis revealing many flaws in the ‘system’ of functioning.Artists and entertainers asked for support, but what to do when the usual supporters (businesses or persons) need support themselves? Society seems to be in a shortage of life ring buoys, calling for innovators.The signals … Continue reading D. Aksenov: “In Culture, New Business Models, Inevitable!”

5000. The NFTs Craze

update: And BOOOOOM……$69 million. This was the final price at Christie’s auction, making Beeple the third most expensive living artist! And with that price, one thing is sure: digital art is here to stay for a long time! Digital Image sold for….  Well, we will see how much… But, the day when the first digital … Continue reading 5000. The NFTs Craze


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