5000. The NFTs Craze

Digital Image sold for….  Well, we will see how much… But, the day when the first digital art piece is sold at Christie’s will be remembered.  “Everydays: The First 5000 Days” by Mike Winkelmann, also known as Beeple will be sold – the auction starts on Feb. 25 and ends March 11. The artwork is … Continue reading 5000. The NFTs Craze

Creative Space Disruption?

Perseverance successfully landed on Mars! In great shape, Perseverance is up to work to discover the undiscovered land.NASA engineers celebrate the achievements of Science, Businesses are already thinking of Space-Business!The big question is the Arty Sector: if and when will be invited to join the Party? And if not invited, how can we crash the … Continue reading Creative Space Disruption?

Love in Tech-Times

One year ago, on 14 February 2020, the world celebrated its usual Valentine’s Day. Little did we know at that time, that after a year, Valentine’s Day will be so different. Digital dating was in trend before the pandemic as well, but the use of dating apps showed a high growth – not just dating … Continue reading Love in Tech-Times

BioArt: Between Science and Art #2

This is the continuation of our first article on BioArt, where we discussed the intersections between art and science, and dissected the special links between biology and art, and the birth of the BioArt Manifesto. In this second article, we will review the growing trend of biotech and the developing ecosystem around BioArt. In addition, … Continue reading BioArt: Between Science and Art #2

Oculus: Multi-User Accounts

The company announced in a statement that starting in February, the users will have the possibility for multiple accounts to log into a single headset. In addition, users will have the ability to share apps with others on the shared device. With these features, the primary account holder will be able to add secondary accounts … Continue reading Oculus: Multi-User Accounts

BioArt: Between Art and Science

What were the influences and intersections between art, science, and technology?At a first glance, it seems that art relies on creativity, imagines the unimaginable, and making (i)logical ‘speculations’, when science relies on facts, on demonstrations, and everything that can be proved… A stereotype, most people agree to. But nothing can be more wrong, as science … Continue reading BioArt: Between Art and Science

TechArt Predictions -2021

Finally we are at the end of the 2020… Its a propitious time for… Predictions! So what are the Tech+Art trends that will make “waves” in 2021. 1.Cobots and artists Cobots are the artist’s best friends. The mantra “robots will take all our jobs’‘ will get new nuances, and actually, we will take steps toward … Continue reading TechArt Predictions -2021

Dancing With Techies

How can you shift from classical ballet into the tech field? It seems almost like ‘mission impossible’, right? But not for Caitlin Hafer, the co-founder of What the Hack. And discussing with her, we found out that ballet and tech have many facets in common. Caitlin started to do work in choreography when she was … Continue reading Dancing With Techies

When Arts Hacks Hackathons#2

THIS ARTICLE IS THE SECOND PART OF A SERIES THAT DISCUSS HACKATHONS IN THE CULTURAL AND CREATIVE FIELDS. THE FIRST PART YOU CAN READ HERE. Hacking Culture definitely had its own story. First of all, not many hackathons with this vertical were organised, so not really an extensive experience in this field. There are many … Continue reading When Arts Hacks Hackathons#2


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