THE BIGGEST GLOBAL TECH EXPERTS ANNOUNCED AS SPEAKERS AT TMRW DUBAITHE WORLD’S LARGEST EMERGING TECH EVENT BRINGS LATEST TRENDS TO THE MIDDLE EAST Following last year’s groundbreaking debut success in Belgrade, TMRW conference powered by 2142, the world’s largest emerging tech event, will be making its spectacular debut in Dubai, from February 8th till 10th… Continue reading TMRW CONFERENCE-2023

AI and Culture: Gains and Losses

Like every industry, Culture and Arts are changed by Technology, and it seems that each year, a new Boom/Hype/Craze emerges in a rapidly changing creative landscape… the pandemic has hit the entire society, the creative sector started to have serious discussions related to the need of digitalization, VR, AR and MR becoming more and more… Continue reading AI and Culture: Gains and Losses

Between Art and AI

NFTs, AI, XR, Blockchain, web3, Metaverse. It seems that the art space is constantly overwhelmed with novelties, and it is transforming constantly. So, we decided to talk about all these transformations with Elizabeth Strickler who is an art collector, but also a Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Creative Media Industries Institute at… Continue reading Between Art and AI

Digital Humans Building: Vera

Avatars, Digital Humans, Digital Twins, Virtual Beings. These are trends, expected to only grow in the future in all forms. Even Gartner’s hype predict especially Digital Humans to be growing trend in the next year (read more here): AI/XR Trends Reincarnation, personalization, animating, represents that process of evolutionary essentialization of a creation from idea to… Continue reading Digital Humans Building: Vera

The Price of Immortality

Since ancient ages, humans had the Dream: to become Immortal! We live in times, when a new generation tries to make the attempt to make humans immortal. But, what is the price of immortality? First trials made by humans was to find some sort of “magic pill” – be it the fountain of youth, the… Continue reading The Price of Immortality

Web3 Art Collectors

Even if digital art existed for a long time, digital artists have been working without recognition, without recompense, for a very long time. Why? jpegs could be easily downloaded and copied. And then came the NFT-Boom and blockchain technology that allowed to rethink digital artworks. And the space started to evolve very quickly, incorporating immersive… Continue reading Web3 Art Collectors

The VFX of Westworld: World Building

Westworld directed by Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy have created some of the most original and unique storytelling worlds on television and film. And View Conference 2022 invited one of the masterminds behind these worlds, Emmy Award winner visual effects supervisor and producer, Jay Worth.Jay Worth shared from his creative process and experience in building… Continue reading The VFX of Westworld: World Building

Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….

Film Director. Virtual Scenographer. Entrepreneur. Festival Organiser. Project Manager. Inclusion Advocate. Freelancer. Chief Operations Officer at VRrOOm. President of the National Council of XR (CNXR) from France.We are talking about Maud Clavier, and TechvangArt had a short discussion about how she navigated and discovered opportunities in the VR worlds, challenges in VR, the secret projects… Continue reading Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….


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