• Web3 Art Collectors

    by paradoxig

    Even if digital art existed for a long time, digital artists have been working without recognition, without recompense, for a very long time. Why? jpegs could be easily downloaded and copied. And then came the NFT-Boom and blockchain technology that allowed to rethink digital artworks. And the space started to…

  • 2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day

    by paradoxig

    The Walt Disney Company hosted its 2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day, showcasing the six companies in this year’s Disney Accelerator program that are focused on helping build the future of immersive experiences. The Demo Day presentation featured more than 15 senior executives from The Walt Disney Company in conversation with…

  • Canadian Art Scene: Meta Gallery

    by paradoxig

    The Fourth Industrial Revolution has arrived, binding our lives even more tightly to connected technologies like virtual reality, blockchain and web3.>Who can present, own and distribute artworks in these digital realms?>Can emerging technologies really be used for the good of the art market? ”Duplicated” introduces the inaugural exhibition of Canadian…