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  • Video Games in Art Museums? (Part 2)

    by paradoxig

    Video games are appealing to the new generations, with consumers growing constantly. Nowadays, museums try to reinvent themselves, but might videogames be a solution to it? Video games can be forms of art, but museums can tap into the potential of video games to reach out to new audiences, to…

  • Video Games in Art Museums?

    by paradoxig

    It might seem that gamers and art museums have nothing in common. Two different worlds that rarely intersect each other, says common sense. But, a new series of events organised by We Are Museums In Cooperation with the Smithsonian Presented by the Villa Albertine and the The Cultural Services of the French Embassy…

  • Future of XR and ART

    by paradoxig

    “The Cultural Services of the French Embassy in the United States launches a new series of online meetups that explores art and XR to promote culture. “The Lab: Making Sense of Immersion in 2021”, is gathering key professionals from the XR and museum industries for game-changing conversations. The programme initiated…