• OpportunitArt – September 2021

    by paradoxig

    Selected opportunities for all artists and creatives (programs, awards, residencies, grants) with deadlines in August & September. Hurry up to apply and/or Share the opportunities with your friends! Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics: INHABIT Artist in Residence CLOSING SOON /DEADLINE: 29 August 2021 The INHABIT Artist in Residence Programme …

  • Aperta Rebellion of Art #2

    by paradoxig

    THIS ARTICLE IS THE SECOND PART OF THE INTERVIEW. Please find HERE the first part. Nowadays, art has amazing possibilities and opportunities to create without any limits. The boundaries disappear, I am referring to the limits that yesterday defined with sacredness the genres and the forms of artistic expression. It …

  • UK Spotlight: The Dark Theatre

    by paradoxig

    March 2020. For the first time in the modern history, in the whole world, all cultural institutions enter the most dramatic lock down. Without any discrimination, big institutions such as philharmonic, opera, theatre, museum, etc became just a landmark on google map. I don’t know if you looked on the …