• Books: XR, Games+Museums, Humans+AI =?

    by paradoxig

    Weekend is coming…. so, book recommendation that you might enjoy:1. Can video gamers and museum curators and artists work together? Might seem impossible, but some tried to ‘crack the collaboration code’. “When Museums Meet Video Games: The Museum Lab Handbook” is offering a series of examples, challenges and opportunities that…

  • X-Washing Syndrome. Fake-Changers Schemes

    by paradoxig

    From Ancient Religious rituals that washed away the Sin and Medici schemes of ‘Selling Forgiveness’, to Contemporary practice of Business unethical behavior (such as greenwashing), washing seems to be an universal remedy. And when washing is coupled with greed and coins, the results obtained were in favour of the Few…

  • From Dummies to… Type I Civilisation

    by paradoxig

    Do you think we are an advanced civilisation? Think again! Because science say….There is still a long-way to go! Let’s take the courage to face ourselves and where our Levels are – truly and scientifically measured. Next, we think about what we can do – as creatives, and not only…