• Opera Of The Future In Present

    by paradoxig

    The world’s first-ever VR community opera!So what can we expect from Opera in the future? FEDORA will show us now in the present.Till February 26th, 2021 you can vote your favorite projects and help artists to elapse in the next phase of the competition and win €50,000 #VoteNow for the…


    by paradoxig

    “Art is Better with You. How European Museums and Theatres Started a New Digital Era in Culture?” is an international online conference, organised by Creative Europe Desk Poland and the Andrzej Wajda Centre For Film Culture. The event will be held online on 3-4 December 2020. Two days dedicated entirely…

  • Aperta Rebellion of ART #1

    by paradoxig

    Nowadays, art has amazing possibilities and opportunities to create without any limits. The boundaries disappear, I am referring to the limits that yesterday defined with sacredness the genres and the forms of artistic expression. It is wonderfully frightening to today’s artist, the creators of this historical period. Art as well…