Nyan Cat

  • The NFTs Craze #2 – regular updates

    by paradoxig

    This is a continuation of our first article on ‘NFTs craze’ – where we explain its history and why it is an important step for the arts, entertainment, and creative industries, how industries are embracing it, and who are the main marketplaces and players from the field. NFTs is on…

  • Cats and infinity of MeowART

    by paradoxig

    Everybody want to be a cat”Kitty + Arts = MeowLove4Ever Cats were always part of our collective representations, subjects or objects of artists. It is true that there were transformations during the years, and each kitty represents a certain time of history and talks about cultures.Starting from the huge Divine…

  • 5000. The NFTs Craze

    by paradoxig

    update: And BOOOOOM……$69 million. This was the final price at Christie’s auction, making Beeple the third most expensive living artist! And with that price, one thing is sure: digital art is here to stay for a long time! Digital Image sold for….  Well, we will see how much… But, the…