Małgorzata Szumowska

  • The winners of the goEast 2021

    by paradoxig

    The jury members of the goEast Film Festival presented the long-awaited ”VERDICT”. So, the winners are…: The documentary film THIS RAIN WILL NEVER STOP (Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Qatar, 2020, directed by Alina Gorlova) is the winner of the Golden Lily (endowed with 10,000 euros in prize money), the main award at the …

  • goEast Film Festival 2021

    by paradoxig

    The goEast Film Festival launched in 2001, was founded by Claudia Dillmann, the former director of Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF) In the foreword to the first festival catalogue she wrote: “The time has come to open ourselves to the thoughts, images, myths and stories of our Eastern neighbours. To their culture. …