Science and Art

AI and Culture: Gains and Losses

Like every industry, Culture and Arts are changed by Technology, and it seems that each year, a new Boom/Hype/Craze emerges in a rapidly changing creative landscape… the pandemic has hit the entire society, the creative sector started to have serious discussions related to the need of digitalization, VR, AR and MR becoming more and more… Continue reading AI and Culture: Gains and Losses

The Price of Immortality

Since ancient ages, humans had the Dream: to become Immortal! We live in times, when a new generation tries to make the attempt to make humans immortal. But, what is the price of immortality? First trials made by humans was to find some sort of “magic pill” – be it the fountain of youth, the… Continue reading The Price of Immortality

Books: XR, Games+Museums, Humans+AI =?

Weekend is coming…. so, book recommendation that you might enjoy:1. Can video gamers and museum curators and artists work together? Might seem impossible, but some tried to ‘crack the collaboration code’. “When Museums Meet Video Games: The Museum Lab Handbook” is offering a series of examples, challenges and opportunities that arise. Recommended for: believers and… Continue reading Books: XR, Games+Museums, Humans+AI =?

Science-in-Film: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Prize / Sundance 2022

20th Year of Science-In-Film Initiative Celebrated, Feature Film Prize Goes to After Yang The Sundance Film Festival has announced the artist grant recipients for the Sundance Institute Science-in-Film initiative at the twentieth annual Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Feature Film Prize Reception. The previously announced 2022 Feature Film Prize winner (Kogonada, After Yang) was honored. The… Continue reading Science-in-Film: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Prize / Sundance 2022


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