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goEast Film Festival 2021

The goEast Film Festival launched in 2001, was founded by Claudia Dillmann, the former director of Deutsches Filminstitut (DIF) In the foreword to the first festival catalogue she wrote: “The time has come to open ourselves to the thoughts, images, myths and stories of our Eastern neighbours. To their culture. To their films”. Likewise involved … Continue reading goEast Film Festival 2021

OpportunitArt – April-May

Selected opportunities for all artists and creatives (programs, awards, residencies, grants) with deadlines in April and May. Hurry up to apply and/or Share the opportunities with your friends! 1.New Museum of Contemporary Art‘s incubatorOPEN CALLDeadline 20.04.2021 NEW INC is the New Museum of Contemporary Art‘s incubator for people working at the intersection of art, design and … Continue reading OpportunitArt – April-May

Unfolding Intelligence Symposium

The four panels address the following questions: How do recent tools in computation shape the models that scientists, artists, and engineers make of the world and universe?Can artists and scientists create a world in which Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) and artificial intelligence (AI) are meaningfully brought together?Can AI and software systems explain how historically recalcitrant … Continue reading Unfolding Intelligence Symposium

Unfolding Intelligence

“Unfolding Intelligence: The Art and Science of Contemporary Computation” is third in a series of MIT CAST symposia that bring together artists, scientists, engineers, and humanists from a variety of disciplines to address topics of common concern in areas of rapidly evolving research and urgent social relevance. This virtual gathering has been organized by a … Continue reading Unfolding Intelligence

First Crypto-Art Exhibition

Art world disruptors first collective exhibition Date: March 26, 2021Location: UCCA北京Name: “Virtual Niche — Have you ever seen memes in the mirror?”. Curator: Sun Bohan, CEO of BlockCreateArt (BCA) and Asia’s first crypto art brand The First Major Institutional Crypto-Art Exhibition will unite for the first time artists and collectors from the Bitcoin community (Polkadot … Continue reading First Crypto-Art Exhibition


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