Futurist WorkoScope

Workoscope is a spyglass series of stories through which you discover the future of jobs (or jobless) for all the Creatives, Artsy, Cultural, you-name-it.
So, WTF? What’s the Future of Work?
Don’t take it seriously! Actually, take is serious! or Take the bad with the good
Discover alongside us, your inner Futurist.

Comedy Bits Beat AI

The future is… The future is… We don’t know what will bring, but a lot of talks are around AI, and the fact that it will take our jobs. But, when the history of AI will be written, it will start with… And before AI, it was Covid19, that took our jobs. And when we … Continue reading Comedy Bits Beat AI

Future of Work Trends in Arts

Depending on the region & definition, the creative sectors employ from1% to 15% of the workforce – in South Africa was 6.7% in 2015,10% in Brazil or US,and 5% in EU. (OECD).Obviously, these percentages were highly affected by Covid, with some industries suffering losses over 80% (theater and performative arts or music), with 31% losses … Continue reading Future of Work Trends in Arts

Creative Space Disruption?

Perseverance successfully landed on Mars! In great shape, Perseverance is up to work to discover the undiscovered land.NASA engineers celebrate the achievements of Science, Businesses are already thinking of Space-Business!The big question is the Arty Sector: if and when will be invited to join the Party? And if not invited, how can we crash the … Continue reading Creative Space Disruption?