Between Art and AI

NFTs, AI, XR, Blockchain, web3, Metaverse. It seems that the art space is constantly overwhelmed with novelties, and it is transforming constantly. So, we decided to talk about all these transformations with Elizabeth Strickler who is an art collector, but also a Director of Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Creative Media Industries Institute at… Continue reading Between Art and AI

Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….

Film Director. Virtual Scenographer. Entrepreneur. Festival Organiser. Project Manager. Inclusion Advocate. Freelancer. Chief Operations Officer at VRrOOm. President of the National Council of XR (CNXR) from France.We are talking about Maud Clavier, and TechvangArt had a short discussion about how she navigated and discovered opportunities in the VR worlds, challenges in VR, the secret projects… Continue reading Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….


How is it to be an early XR-adopter, how the fast evolving technology changes your practice and your business model? What are the challenges and how can you move ahead? We wanted to find out from the Austrian XR-startup, vrisch . The startup was founded by digital artist Gabriella Chihan Stanley and filmmaker Axel Dietrich,… Continue reading XR-as-a-Cause/XR-as-a-Service…

Artivive: AR Platform for Art

Artivive is an AR tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art, while visitors only use their smartphones or tablets in order to experience the AR layer. As such, for museums, exhibitions, galleries, Artivive offers a new way for the audience to interact with exhibitions.Founded in 2017… Continue reading Artivive: AR Platform for Art

Alexandria, the Mouseion For a New Generation of Content

NewImages Festival and Cannes XR launched “Alexandria”, a futuristic Virtual World to showcase the best of international VR creations. The Space was created and developed in collaboration with Kreis Immersive, a company specialized in the creation of virtual worlds. We first visited Alexandria, during Cannes XR, and we were delighted by the concept, the design… Continue reading Alexandria, the Mouseion For a New Generation of Content

Cosmogony. Explore New Territories

Cosmogony is a fabulous live digital performance that is captured in Geneva, projected -through the use of mocap suit s- to Sundance 2022, Spaceship and from there made available all over the world.Put together by the masterminds of virtual/digital contemporary dance company Cie Gilles Jobin, that already made performances such as: The performance will transport… Continue reading Cosmogony. Explore New Territories

InJustice. Testimony. Poetry / This Is Not A Ceremony

”This is Not a Ceremony” is an intriguing and captivating VR experience – having its World Premiere at Sundance – that wonderfully mixes documentary type of testimony with symbols, humor, poetry and metaphoric visual-imaginary elements. .Immersed in the virtual environment, your guides are two Indigenous trickster poets that accompany you – sometimes with caustic humor… Continue reading InJustice. Testimony. Poetry / This Is Not A Ceremony

The DreamS of A Risk-Taker 

Paige Dansinger is Founding Director at Better World Museums, Horizon Art Museum, being part of the Launch Pad Program at Oculus.If you ask her how it all started she would say that she was “just a girl” who went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.But, she is not just ‘just a girl’. She… Continue reading The DreamS of A Risk-Taker 

Edward Saatchi: The Guild for Virtual Beings

If you are looking to find the risk of thinking, similarities and paradoxes between Future and Dreams/ Manifesto /AI / Guilds/ Jesus/Virtual Beings /Ethics/ Metaverse/ Shakespeare/Matthew 10:35/ Crypto /Developers / DAO/Poets /ETC, follow….The Culture. Or The Guild for Virtual Beings, Avatars & Digital Identities.Follow the dialogue between TechVangArt and Edward Saatchi (Founder of Fable Studio,… Continue reading Edward Saatchi: The Guild for Virtual Beings

D. Aksenov: “In Culture, New Business Models, Inevitable!”

Arts and entertainment industries faced many changes in the last year, the crisis revealing many flaws in the ‘system’ of functioning.Artists and entertainers asked for support, but what to do when the usual supporters (businesses or persons) need support themselves? Society seems to be in a shortage of life ring buoys, calling for innovators.The signals… Continue reading D. Aksenov: “In Culture, New Business Models, Inevitable!”

Grants for Artists. With One Click!

TechvangArt in dialogue with René Pinnell the Artizan of ARTIZEN:… “Arts and Creatives, in crisis”. This is how the pandemic kicked-off, and the first solution was: hackathons. As we were used to organise hackathons and mentor teams, we offered to help artists. From the very start, few things become clear.Firstly, Art people began to work… Continue reading Grants for Artists. With One Click!

Circular Fashion Detective

“ #DressYourselfie! Upgrade your Lockdown Look ” was a post that caught my attention on Linkedin. My first thoughts were that it is just another funny COVID-related gimmick, but then immediately I noticed the intriguing and high quality design of the dress, made by María Ruano.For me, the idea was not just funny, but also… Continue reading Circular Fashion Detective

Synesthesia. Gift or Curse?

‘Music is liquid Architecture; Architecture is frozen Music’ – Goethe Do you want to hear the sound of time? Or maybe taste the music? Or see its colors? Or the dance of sculptures? And no, we have not just taken some…. mushrooms, before writing this article. But we really discovered this world of new perceptions… Continue reading Synesthesia. Gift or Curse?

Future of VR : VeeR

As VR is still an emerging field, these type of startups are quite rare in the ecosystem. Definitely, it is not easy to set up a business and convince investors to be the first to pull funds in a domain that might or might not grow. However, for creators, having startups as allies to support… Continue reading Future of VR : VeeR

Tech and Histories +/- Humanity

Have you ever thought that history can repeat itself, but it might take different forms or “the more things change, the more they stay the same”?If yes, “Bodyless” is for you.If not, think again, after you watched “Bodyless” – a VR experience directed by taiwanese artist Hsin-Chien Huang, produced by Virtual and Physical Media Integration… Continue reading Tech and Histories +/- Humanity

Dancing With Techies

How can you shift from classical ballet into the tech field? It seems almost like ‘mission impossible’, right? But not for Caitlin Hafer, the co-founder of What the Hack. And discussing with her, we found out that ballet and tech have many facets in common. Caitlin started to do work in choreography when she was… Continue reading Dancing With Techies

Aperta Rebellion of Art #2

THIS ARTICLE IS THE SECOND PART OF THE INTERVIEW. Please find HERE the first part. Nowadays, art has amazing possibilities and opportunities to create without any limits. The boundaries disappear, I am referring to the limits that yesterday defined with sacredness the genres and the forms of artistic expression. It is wonderfully frightening to today’s… Continue reading Aperta Rebellion of Art #2

Aperta Rebellion of ART #1

Nowadays, art has amazing possibilities and opportunities to create without any limits. The boundaries disappear, I am referring to the limits that yesterday defined with sacredness the genres and the forms of artistic expression. It is wonderfully frightening to today’s artist, the creators of this historical period. Art as well as Humanity is in the… Continue reading Aperta Rebellion of ART #1

Makers Hub. Plus Arts

Makerspace are popular environments that were set up to help (future)makers, but also to promote STEM Learning. The new trend was fuelled by necessities in our society toward more experts in the field of technology, engineering or science. So learning together form one another seemed a good idea. But, what happens when you include also… Continue reading Makers Hub. Plus Arts

Mixing Art and Tech

Visual arts went online. We are talking about an industry who was quite conservative and tech-blind. Till, few months ago, when it started to gain huge presence and visibility online. From museums, galleries, artists, advisors, collectors, activists, everybody shows its online muscle: art, but also, we could see their home, and unthinkable talents on how… Continue reading Mixing Art and Tech

Art of Africa: Pavillon 54

Art-Tech Startups Conversations. One-stop-shop for African Art: Pavillon 54 Even if still the US, China and UK dominate the art markets – largely because these richer countries count more art collectors, Art from Africa is showing a constant increase from year to year, in terms of sales! Museums in Europe and North America hosted shows of… Continue reading Art of Africa: Pavillon 54

UK Spotlight: The Dark Theatre

March 2020. For the first time in the modern history, in the whole world, all cultural institutions enter the most dramatic lock down. Without any discrimination, big institutions such as philharmonic, opera, theatre, museum, etc became just a landmark on google map. I don’t know if you looked on the interactive google map in March,… Continue reading UK Spotlight: The Dark Theatre

The Power of Ageless

We discovered for the first time “Black Sugar” creation in 2017 at the MQ Fashion Week in Vienna.I was totally absorbed in such a complex monochromatic architecture and Infinite possibilities of elegance. The style can be described as timeless couture which evokes the impression of an Asian/European clothing interplay: white shirts are re-interpreted with artful… Continue reading The Power of Ageless

Nigeria: First 3D Expo

Art and Creatives industry were massively affected by COVID crisis, and art industry made efforts to keep things in normality. The answer was SOS digitalisation. In Nigeria, during the crisis, the first 3D exhibition took place, and it was brilliant. TechVangArt discussed with the curator of the exhibition about digitalisation, visual art in Nigeria, and… Continue reading Nigeria: First 3D Expo

On the Stage Of Life

From the Paris Opera to making facemasks. It is a story of a wonderful fashion designer, Vali Cioban, who had to adapt rapidly during the pandemic. TechVangArt discusses with her about this change, new collection, and how fashion will be.  TechVangArt(TVA): We had our last on-line discussion when you were waiting for the costume rehearsals… Continue reading On the Stage Of Life

Crisis Is Not A Show

TechVangArt(TVA): More design experts characterize you as an “eclectic” designer.Juan Carlos Gordillo: Yes, this is true because I mixed many styles, materials; but today my style is defined by influences “Country, Andalusian Spanish, and obviously my Latin roots. TechVangArt(TVA): You do not follow trends.  So, you are unfashionable and untrendy? Juan Carlos Gordillo: No, I don’t… Continue reading Crisis Is Not A Show