• Anrealage – UV Light Fashion

    by paradoxig

    Changing colors of garments! At Paris Fashion Week Fall 2023, the Japanese brand Anrealage show seemed to bring together two worlds — one that is apparent and the other that lies beneath the surface. Pairs of models took to the runway,  audiences were shown similar-looking garments… but, then a bar of …

  • Neil Mendoza- Mechanical Masterpieces

    by paradoxig

    Mechanical Masterpieces is a collection of paintings reimagined for the 21st century. Optimized for short attention spans, it allows viewers to poke, switch, disco, inflate and water paintings to their heart’s content. The installation was created for The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh.  Neil Mendoza’s work combines sculpture, electronics and software …

  • The Winners of the Cannes Festival 2022

    by paradoxig

    The Jury has deliberated and the winners of Cannes Festival 2022 were announced. We are please to announce the winners and jury from each category.For the XR section, please read HERE the winners of Cannes XR and VeeR Awards, in the two sections: Best VR Story and Best VR Interactive …