5000. The NFTs Craze

update: And BOOOOOM……$69 million. This was the final price at Christie’s auction, making Beeple the third most expensive living artist! And with that price, one thing is sure: digital art is here to stay for a long time! Digital Image sold for….  Well, we will see how much… But, the day when the first digital … Continue reading 5000. The NFTs Craze

Circular Fashion Detective

“ #DressYourselfie! Upgrade your Lockdown Look ” was a post that caught my attention on Linkedin. My first thoughts were that it is just another funny COVID-related gimmick, but then immediately I noticed the intriguing and high quality design of the dress, made by María Ruano.For me, the idea was not just funny, but also … Continue reading Circular Fashion Detective

Future of VR : VeeR

As VR is still an emerging field, these type of startups are quite rare in the ecosystem. Definitely, it is not easy to set up a business and convince investors to be the first to pull funds in a domain that might or might not grow. However, for creators, having startups as allies to support … Continue reading Future of VR : VeeR

Dancing With Techies

How can you shift from classical ballet into the tech field? It seems almost like ‘mission impossible’, right? But not for Caitlin Hafer, the co-founder of What the Hack. And discussing with her, we found out that ballet and tech have many facets in common. Caitlin started to do work in choreography when she was … Continue reading Dancing With Techies

When Arts Hacks Hackathons#2

THIS ARTICLE IS THE SECOND PART OF A SERIES THAT DISCUSS HACKATHONS IN THE CULTURAL AND CREATIVE FIELDS. THE FIRST PART YOU CAN READ HERE. Hacking Culture definitely had its own story. First of all, not many hackathons with this vertical were organised, so not really an extensive experience in this field. There are many … Continue reading When Arts Hacks Hackathons#2

When Arts Hacks Hackathons

Once Covid started, hackathons started to. Art and creative industries were massively affected (different cultural sectors more than others) and they show interest in the digital world. Finally, startup-ers said, let’s take a glimpse into the creative field, and Hack the Culture. Little did we know that the difference between worlds is so big, that … Continue reading When Arts Hacks Hackathons


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