How is it to be an early XR-adopter, how the fast evolving technology changes your practice and your business model? What are the challenges and how can you move ahead? We wanted to find out from the Austrian XR-startup, vrisch . The startup was founded by digital artist Gabriella Chihan Stanley and filmmaker Axel Dietrich, … Continue reading XR-as-a-Cause/XR-as-a-Service…

CultTech Space Debates – Takeaways

An intense series of debates around CultTech and mechanism of investments, where startups, artists, investors, thinkers were invited, in an event organized by IF (Immaterial Future Association) at 2022 edition of Ars Electronica. Do you know a cultural/creative startup? If your answer is no, try again.Think Spotify, Netflix, Clubhouse, Patreon and the new generations: Unity, … Continue reading CultTech Space Debates – Takeaways

Artivive: AR Platform for Art

Artivive is an AR tool that allows artists to create new dimensions of art by linking classical with digital art, while visitors only use their smartphones or tablets in order to experience the AR layer. As such, for museums, exhibitions, galleries, Artivive offers a new way for the audience to interact with exhibitions.Founded in 2017 … Continue reading Artivive: AR Platform for Art

Books: XR, Games+Museums, Humans+AI =?

Weekend is coming…. so, book recommendation that you might enjoy:1. Can video gamers and museum curators and artists work together? Might seem impossible, but some tried to ‘crack the collaboration code’. “When Museums Meet Video Games: The Museum Lab Handbook” is offering a series of examples, challenges and opportunities that arise. Recommended for: believers and … Continue reading Books: XR, Games+Museums, Humans+AI =?

AI/XR Tech Tools for New Trends

As Gartner released its 2022 report about Hype Cycle for Emerging Tech, all metaverse/ immersive/ AI creative enthusiasts can celebrate as their favorite playground got into the report. The Hype Cycle release by Gartner is a analysis about the reception for new and disruptive technologies – from the moment of their discoveries and over-excitement that … Continue reading AI/XR Tech Tools for New Trends

Lucid Realities: XR Networking Space

The Enemy/ Claude Monet – The Water Lily obsession/7 Grams/The Starry Sand Beach/Lady Sapiens. These are just a few of the beloved and awarded XR experiences produced by Lucid Realities. Founded in 20018, Lucid Realities is an immersive and interactive production and distribution company based in Paris, co-founded by Chloé Jarry and François Bertrand. Having … Continue reading Lucid Realities: XR Networking Space


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