The Price of Immortality

Since ancient ages, humans had the Dream: to become Immortal! We live in times, when a new generation tries to make the attempt to make humans immortal. But, what is the price of immortality? First trials made by humans was to find some sort of “magic pill” – be it the fountain of youth, the … Continue reading The Price of Immortality

Web3 Art Collectors

Even if digital art existed for a long time, digital artists have been working without recognition, without recompense, for a very long time. Why? jpegs could be easily downloaded and copied. And then came the NFT-Boom and blockchain technology that allowed to rethink digital artworks. And the space started to evolve very quickly, incorporating immersive … Continue reading Web3 Art Collectors

2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day

The Walt Disney Company hosted its 2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day, showcasing the six companies in this year’s Disney Accelerator program that are focused on helping build the future of immersive experiences. The Demo Day presentation featured more than 15 senior executives from The Walt Disney Company in conversation with the founders of the six … Continue reading 2022 Disney Accelerator Demo Day

Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….

Film Director. Virtual Scenographer. Entrepreneur. Festival Organiser. Project Manager. Inclusion Advocate. Freelancer. Chief Operations Officer at VRrOOm. President of the National Council of XR (CNXR) from France.We are talking about Maud Clavier, and TechvangArt had a short discussion about how she navigated and discovered opportunities in the VR worlds, challenges in VR, the secret projects … Continue reading Maud Clavier. VR et Son Double Mixity of….


How is it to be an early XR-adopter, how the fast evolving technology changes your practice and your business model? What are the challenges and how can you move ahead? We wanted to find out from the Austrian XR-startup, vrisch . The startup was founded by digital artist Gabriella Chihan Stanley and filmmaker Axel Dietrich, … Continue reading XR-as-a-Cause/XR-as-a-Service…

CultTech Space Debates – Takeaways

An intense series of debates around CultTech and mechanism of investments, where startups, artists, investors, thinkers were invited, in an event organized by IF (Immaterial Future Association) at 2022 edition of Ars Electronica. Do you know a cultural/creative startup? If your answer is no, try again.Think Spotify, Netflix, Clubhouse, Patreon and the new generations: Unity, … Continue reading CultTech Space Debates – Takeaways


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