Dancing With Techies

How can you shift from classical ballet into the tech field? It seems almost like ‘mission impossible’, right? But not for Caitlin Hafer, the co-founder of What the Hack. And discussing with her, we found out that ballet and tech … Continue reading Dancing With Techies

Makers Hub. Plus Arts

Makerspace are popular environments that were set up to help (future)makers, but also to promote STEM Learning. The new trend was fuelled by necessities in our society toward more experts in the field of technology, engineering or science. So learning … Continue reading Makers Hub. Plus Arts

Mixing Art and Tech

Visual arts went online. We are talking about an industry who was quite conservative and tech-blind. Till, few months ago, when it started to gain huge presence and visibility online. From museums, galleries, artists, advisors, collectors, activists, everybody shows its … Continue reading Mixing Art and Tech


Instapoetry. Cultural Innovation or Dangerous Liaison?  An almost forgotten form and totally not resonating with the general public. This was poetry. Years ago. But, all this would change with authors going digitals and discovering Instagram. And Instagram catapulted to celebrity … Continue reading Instagram+Poetry

Business Marriage

Choose Wisely! Business relations can be worse than marriage!  Choosing your Co-Founder is not an easy task. And co-founders drama is between the top 10 reasons why a startup fails. In many books, mentors will tell you about complementarity knowledge … Continue reading Business Marriage