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OpportunitArt – December 2022

Selected opportunities for all Artists and Creatives (open calls, programs, awards, residencies, grants) with deadlines in DECEMBER 2022 and a small bonus that can help you to be prepared for the 2023 FUTURE -CALLS …Hurry up to apply and/or Share the opportunities with your friends! Leonardo/ISASTDeadline: 05.12.2022 CALL FOR PAPERS: CRIPTECH AND THE ART OF … Continue reading OpportunitArt – December 2022

The Price of Immortality

Since ancient ages, humans had the Dream: to become Immortal! We live in times, when a new generation tries to make the attempt to make humans immortal. But, what is the price of immortality? First trials made by humans was to find some sort of “magic pill” – be it the fountain of youth, the … Continue reading The Price of Immortality

COSMOGONY 2021-2023: Touring without traveling

From caravans to rulotes, from carnival markets to royal palaces or to the huge stages in metropolis and festival tours embracing the cosmopolitan lifestyle…. till virtual productions artistic works.Artists always traveled – even before the Renaissance, artists toured to show their shows or to get inspired; musicians, performers, circus and theater groups or painters went … Continue reading COSMOGONY 2021-2023: Touring without traveling

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