TCCF: Welcome to Metaverse! France x Taiwan XR Links

Creatives from all over the world gather during the Taiwan Creative Content Fest (TCCF), and for long-lasting friends, such as NewImages Festival, special XR Collaboration Days are designed by TAICCA. At TCCF, only “The Forum“ welcomed over 50 speakers in the technology industry, creative cultural industry, startups, and investors and hosted ten sessions that explored … Continue reading TCCF: Welcome to Metaverse! France x Taiwan XR Links

The DreamS of A Risk-Taker 

Paige Dansinger is Founding Director at Better World Museums, Horizon Art Museum, being part of the Launch Pad Program at Oculus.If you ask her how it all started she would say that she was “just a girl” who went to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design.But, she is not just ‘just a girl’. She … Continue reading The DreamS of A Risk-Taker 

Virtual Beings Summit – Outlines

What will Avatars look like in the Metaverse? Interoperability? What worlds will be possible? Decentralised vs Centralised games and worlds? Digital fashion in the future? AI-Artists practices?These were only a few Questions and the different opinions and visions were debated at the Virtual Being Summit. The Virtual Beings are coming… Slowly entering our lives, in … Continue reading Virtual Beings Summit – Outlines

Video Games in Art Museums?

It might seem that gamers and art museums have nothing in common. Two different worlds that rarely intersect each other, says common sense. But, a new series of events organised by We Are Museums In Cooperation with the Smithsonian Presented by the Villa Albertine and the The Cultural Services of the French Embassy In the U S tries … Continue reading Video Games in Art Museums?

Edward Saatchi: The Guild for Virtual Beings

If you are looking to find the risk of thinking, similarities and paradoxes between Future and Dreams/ Manifesto /AI / Guilds/ Jesus/Virtual Beings /Ethics/ Metaverse/ Shakespeare/Matthew 10:35/ Crypto /Developers / DAO/Poets /ETC, follow….The Culture. Or The Guild for Virtual Beings, Avatars & Digital Identities.Follow the dialogue between TechVangArt and Edward Saatchi (Founder of Fable Studio, … Continue reading Edward Saatchi: The Guild for Virtual Beings


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