Grants for Artists. With One Click!

TechvangArt in dialogue with René Pinnell the Artizan of ARTIZEN:… “Arts and Creatives, in crisis”. This is how the pandemic kicked-off, and the first solution was: hackathons. As we were used to organise hackathons and mentor teams, we offered to help artists. From the very start, few things become clear.Firstly, Art people began to work … Continue reading Grants for Artists. With One Click!

Coronials New Wor(l)ds #2

This is the continuation of our first article related to New Wor(l)d that emerged during Covid-19 The Pandemic brought us, not only isolation but also a new type of connection ONLACT-online act that help artists to perform, to repeat, to work, to discuss to sing, and why not to participate in the new type of … Continue reading Coronials New Wor(l)ds #2

Covid New wor(L)ds #1

Pandemic brought to us, not only isolation, but also new behaviors and habits, all reflected in our now new enriched vocabulary. And words are able to tell so many things about societies and culture. So, let’s reflect on the: new meanings of balcony, Covideo parties and Locktail Hours. And many more words. The pandemic has … Continue reading Covid New wor(L)ds #1

Cats and infinity of MeowART

Everybody want to be a cat”Kitty + Arts = MeowLove4Ever Cats were always part of our collective representations, subjects or objects of artists. It is true that there were transformations during the years, and each kitty represents a certain time of history and talks about cultures.Starting from the huge Divine statues of the Egyptians, to … Continue reading Cats and infinity of MeowART


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