World Ballet Day

Today the entire world celebrates Ballet! 2020 is a year where it’s hard to say you’re celebrating any art form. Culture and creative industries are among the most affected industries by the pandemic. However, ballet exists, develops, and must be … Continue reading World Ballet Day

Aperta Rebellion of ART #1

Nowadays, art has amazing possibilities and opportunities to create without any limits. The boundaries disappear, I am referring to the limits that yesterday defined with sacredness the genres and the forms of artistic expression. It is wonderfully frightening to today’s … Continue reading Aperta Rebellion of ART #1

Mixing Art and Tech

Visual arts went online. We are talking about an industry who was quite conservative and tech-blind. Till, few months ago, when it started to gain huge presence and visibility online. From museums, galleries, artists, advisors, collectors, activists, everybody shows its … Continue reading Mixing Art and Tech