V-Unframed 2023 Line-Up

by paradoxig

V-Unframed is back with an exciting program, the 2023 edition will take place between November 24 to 26th at Beaumont Studios, Vancouver. Explore a selection of local and international immersive artworks and dive into Espace-V, Alliance Française Vancouver’s unique VR platform!

REGISTERHERE and join the experience in person in Vancouver, BC. Choose a time slot below valid for 1h30 within the exhibition!

The event is Presented by Alliance Française Vancouver⁠, and is powered by Kreis Immersive.

And the 2023 selection is… – Stay tuned as more and more artworks will be announced

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watch the trailer herewatch the trailer herewatch the trailer here
watch the trailer herewatch the trailer herewatch the trailer here

François Vautier is a multidisciplinary French artist invited by the Embassy of France in Canada and Alliance Française Vancouver to work on his new XR project during a residency in Vancouver, in the Fall 2023. Discover his former work, a trilogy inspired by the works of Arthur C. Clarke, where Vautier explores the absolute and human becoming. These works extend space and time to sketch out the features of an invisible intelligence.

I SAW THE FUTURE – An experimental VR decoding of Arthur C. Clarke’s vision of the future, built in an artificial field inspired by electrostatic displacement and sound waves.

ODYSSEY 1.4.9 – A breathtaking VR experience exploring Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece “Space Odyssey” in one monumental image.

RECODING ENTROPIA – The latest instalment in François Vautier’s VR anthology on the future of humanity.

Meticulously hand-painted by Juliana Loh in Google Tiltbrush, Dragon Magic, Freedom Giants unveils two mesmerizing VR worlds within the ENGAGE platform. One whispers reflection and self-discovery while the other roars with the celebration of action and exploration.

Flow invites you to surrender to the whims of the wind on a seemingly ordinary day, concealing within its turbulence a captivating night in the life of a woman, portrayed through the dance of air currents. The interplay of scents, warmth, respiration, and both natural and artificial gusts of wind, influenced by invisible forces, renders the imperceptible tangible. These atmospheric movements unveil a sequence of events inviting us to follow the woman on her meanderings, plunging us into a realm crafted entirely from air.

Enter a void-like realm, where one’s experience is defined by the curiosity of their eyes and ears. Advance through a succession of rooms dressed in optical patterns, audio-visual programming, and minimalist spatial design.

Kingdom of Illumination is an 8-channel video, 16-channel audio installation collaboration with Gary James Joynes and the Brian Webb Dance Company. It is a meditation on deep time, eons, and the abyss. At V-Unfamed 2023, participants will be able to deeply immerse themselves in a spatialized Virtual Reality version of the installation, adding depth and interaction to become meditatively immersed in the flow.

Imagine finding yourself in the middle of a theatre stage, completely immersed in a performance with the dancers. In a 40-minute experience, you plunge into the heart of three emblematic works from their repertoires, adapted especially for the occasion: The Complex Simplicity of Love by Margie Gillis, Allegro Barbaro by Hélène Blackburn and 6.58 manifesto by Andrea Peña. Discover contemporary dance in a new light, a new way of experiencing the body in movement!

How could it have happened, in a public space and in the company of people who call themselves friends? This is the question that always arises in response to yet another news story about date rape. But rape cases like this often involve more people than just the perpetrator and the victim. Missing 10 Hours makes you realize how much the decision and actions of bystanders can drastically influence the course of an evening.

In this interactive VR piece, the viewer is led on a night out by Greg, a big-headed guy with bad intentions. He spikes 22-year-old Mara’s drink with the drug GHB, and she gradually loses control of her actions. A walk through the night ends in a backstreet, where Greg maneuvers Mara into a dark corner. The choices the viewer makes during the evening—go along with Greg, watch passively or intervene—determine the outcome: a safe ending, or arrest and questioning at the police station.

Witness how Ukrainian art & culture have become targets of the ongoing war; and meet the inspiring people on the frontlines protecting it.

V-Unframed Supporters

Presented by Alliance Française Vancouver⁠
Powered by Kreis Immersive
With the support of: French Embassy in Canada, RBC, Creative BC, British Columbia Art Council,, Centre for Digital Media, Conseil jeunesse francophone de la Colombie-Britannique – BC Francophone Youth Council,, Institut Français
Website: https://www.alliancefrancaise.ca/v-unframed/

ORGANIZED BY: Alliance Française Vancouver

Alliance Française Vancouver (AFV) envisions a diverse community gathered around French-speaking cultures and Canadian dual linguistic heritage, promoting local and international francophone cultures through the organization of professional cultural events. We also offer French language educational programs to all ages and levels, promote local and international francophone cultures, and offer a welcoming space for everyone in the community to gather.

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