PICO Dev Jam: Redefining XR

by paradoxig

PICO is kicking off the 2023 PICO Dev Jam, the first-ever global challenge for emerging virtual reality developers. The competition aims to boost the VR ecosystem through the development of innovative virtual reality and mixed reality content, while also nurturing PICO’s growing community of VR developers around the world. The total prizes are $49,500 in prizes! The Jury is formed by experts from companies such as ShapesXR, AmazeVR or Felix and Paul.

PICO’s premier MR/XR development activity, 2023 PICO Dev Jam, is coming Sep 25 – Dec 10. Along with several campus tour sessions in US and EU, PICO is kicking off a dev jam where devs can get expert help building your MR/XR projects, creating a design of immersive experience.


Registration Period: Sep 25, 2023 (10 AM Eastern Time) – Nov 10, 2023 (10 AM Eastern Time)
Submission Period:Oct 2, 2023 (10 AM Eastern Time) – Nov 10, 2023 (5 PM Eastern Time)
Judging: Nov 13, 2023 (10 AM Eastern Time) – Nov 30, 2023 (5 PM Eastern Time)
Announce Potential Winner: On or around Dec 10, 2023 (2 PM Eastern Time)

Project Requirements

Build or design a demo app (coding implementation) or a design document on various creative ideas that fit within the 2023 PICO Dev Jam theme: Redefining XR: Beyond Imagination, Into Innovation.
Project ideas or creativity could fall into one of the categories below, including but not limited to:
Game design and interaction
For work productivity
For entertainment senarios
For education purpose
For finance, medical, or other daily-life senarios
Desktop toolings
For multi-user scenes in all above settings
Any mobile app converted to 3D or VR app that may draw more user retention
Participants will be encouraged to utilize (or incorporate the idea of) the following two PICO SDKs in your demo app or design document:
PICO Sence Pack : the all-in-one solution for PICO Mixed Reality development, providing innovative features like space calibration and spatial anchors;
PICO Interaction Pack : hand tracking features, which optimize algorithms, support Unity’s XR Hands pack, and comply with the OpenXR standard

Your submission could be a design doc, online doc, a demo app, or a video demo. Please provide access to your working project for judging and testing.
Submission could be accepted in the following format:
a slide PPT (5-10 pages)
a word doc or PDF (1-2 pages)
video submission (3-5 minutes) that explains and demonstrates your idea or project in action (could be a .mp4 file or hosted publicly on a video streaming platform like YouTube).
If your submission is a demo app with coding implementation, the project must be capable of being successfully installed and running consistently on the platform or emulator for which it is intended. Participants are encouraged to submit their source code or GitHub repos if they’d like.
If your work or submission utilizes the PICO Sense Pack and PICO Interaction Pack, the submission should include an explanation of how the project uses them.
MR/XR innovation ideas may map or fall into the following tracks
for game design and interaction
for work and productivity improvement
for entertainment, finance, medical, daily-life senarios
for multi-user scenes in all above settings
Any mobile app converted to 3D or VR app that may draw more user retention

PRIZES: $49,500

In each category, one winner will be selected from each of the below region(s) : 1. EMEA; 2. Asia; 3. North America, South America, Oceania&Pacific:
1st Prize (3): $8,000
2nd Prize (3): $3,000
3rd Prize (3):$1,500
4th Prize (3): $500
5th Prize (3) $300

Best Game App (3): $1,000
Best Non-Game App (3): $1,000
Best MR Design (3): $600
Best Hand Tracking (3): $600


Steve Lee CEO, Amaze VR
Inga Petryaevskaya, CEO, ShapesXR
Ashley Blake, COO, Andromeda Entertainment
Jaime Pichardo Garcia, Chief Business Officer, Odders Lab
Jiesi Ma, Head of PICO OS Product
Peter Li, Head of PICO Gaming Partnerships
Chi Fang, Head of PICO Design Center
Yuping Wang, Head of PICO Developer Platform Product
Qiwei He, Head of Operations, PICO Store
Shane Engelman, Head of Technology, Felix & Paul

Challenge Fit
Includes how well the submitted work is aligned with the overall challenge theme “Redefining XR: Beyond Imagination, Into Innovation” (20 points)
Quality of Idea
Includes creativity and originality of the idea (30 points)
Technical Execution
For app design doc (or GDD) submission and Demo app (coding implementation) submission, judging criteria would be different. Please refer to “RULES” section on detailed judging criteria guidelines. (30 points)
Presentation Readiness
Includes how clearly layed out and refined the submitted work in the PPT, design doc, or youtube submission (10 points)
Potential Impact
Includes the extent to which the created work can be widely useful or favored (10 points)
Extra points
Includes how well PICO 4, PICO Sence Pack / PICO Interaction Pack and other PICO toolings were leveraged by the developer (20 points)

Founded in March 2015, PICO is a leading VR company with independent innovation and R&D capabilities, focusing on VR all-in-one technology. In 2021, Bytedance acquired PICO, offering immersive and interactive VR experiences to our customers, embarking on a journey to infinity powered by a mission of bridging connections and enriching lives.

More information, on official website.

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