AI World Fair, in Decentraland

by paradoxig

Organized by Verse Digital, the brightest minds in Web3, gaming, fashion, art, and robotics are coming together in Decentraland Oct 25-27 for the inaugural AI World Fair.

The 3-day event will take place in one of Decentraland’s newest districts, Innovation City. Over 40 speakers will discuss the ideas, issues, and opportunities around artificial intelligence, among them luminaries such as:

Singularity.NET’s Dr. Ben Goertzel

NVIDIA’s Yasmina Benkhoui, Strategic Partnerships & Ecosystem Manager

Decentraland’s Yemel Jardi, Executive Director, Decentraland Foundation

Metaverse thought leaders, Dr. Jane Thomason, Diego Borgo, and Kelly Vero

Rainbird CEO James Duez & CTO Ben Taylor

Sebastien Borget from The Sandbox

Discussions and presentations will revolve around three core themes:

Sci-fi vs Sci-fact The key concepts, issues, and potential of AI, exploring how it is being used across various fields, and aiming to find some measure of consensus in a bid to improve the conversation.

AI x Humanity: Bane or Benefit? A deep dive into topics like job displacement vs creation, impact on business, regulation and governance, security and data protection, ethics, creativity, and how to strike a balance between fostering innovation and ensuring responsible development and deployment.

The Road Ahead Speakers will focus on future developments including the rise of super intelligent AI, the promise of singularity, and how AI will work with crypto, Web3, and the metaverse.

In addition to a series of thought-provoking talks and closing party, the AI World Fair includes some exciting gamified features as well. Earn AIWF Points through quests, games, puzzles, and attendance at panels and keynote sessions. Use them to claim Wearables and other prizes and be sure to look out for surprise airdrops throughout the event!

More information about the programs, key note speaker, on the event page:

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